Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I went with a totally different theme this year.  All silver and glittery.  Look at me getting all kinds of wild and crazy.


I attached the lighted garland using the same method as last year, but this time used wired silver ribbon to wind throughout, followed by silver organza fluffing out the top, and silver and gold balls wedged into the branches.

I have two sets of lights going on here--one woven in with the garland and another one on top/behind to make the mantel 'glow'.

When I pick a new decorating theme (any season, not just at Christmas), I pull out any of my accessories, large or small, that are the right color.  It doesn't matter if they were being used somewhere else, on the wall in another part of the house, whatever.  If it's the right color/feel, it's coming with me.  I put them all up on the mantel, then I  stand back and start arranging my favorite ones into interesting groups.  By interesting, I mean variety--tall/short, plain/intricate, big/small, light/dark, shiny/dull.  I try to make the negative space (the space around the things) as interesting as the positive space (the actual stuff).  You don't want everything to be in a big clump, all the same height.

Loving the change from my usual red Christmas (though I'll probably return to red next year).  And if J asks, yes, I already had all these ornaments.  I did a lot of glittery things--crystals, lots of silver snowflakes and deer and sparkly ribbon.  It made me a little sad to not have all the usual memory-filled ornaments on the big tree, but I let each of the kids decorate a smaller tree with them.

This is the old trunk that I fell in love with and bought myself for my birthday.  It's my new end table, and for now it's holding a silver lantern with a fake-lit candle.  I love the new against old.


Girlie's tree gets to be by the fireplace. 

My favorite thing in this picture is the little boy who is so patient with his mom, who is interrupting Dinosaur Train.

Usual garland and kissing ball.  I did Christmas red everywhere else, because, let's face it, I didn't have enough silver stuff to do the whole house.

I call these my Dr. Seuss trees, because they are so weird and fun.


I hung the stars up with straight pins so the holes wouldn't be too bad. 

I tied the garland to the railing by very thin yarn.  Then I wove in the berries and the jingle bells.  The bow had big twist ties on the back.


I put up lights indoor this year.  You can't tell, but they're actually medium sized round glass bulbs.  I feel like I'm adding a little 'cantina' to Christmas. :) It's just good fun.  Never mind the mess in the back.  Leftovers from a little dinner party last night and a honey nut Cheerios breakfast. 
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Cory Elvidge said...

So beautiful as usual :)

Amy said...


hannah k. said... you are so amazingly talented. it just blows my mind. plus you're so beautiful so of course i'm jealous of your gorgeous mantel and face. thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Absolutely perfect! I LOVE that gold "Noel". Is that one piece or separate letters?

Melynie said...

Thanks! Jess, the letters are separate. Last year I had them going vertical in my entryway. :)

hilary said...

Beautiful, as always!!

Happy Mom said...

My fav is the Dr Seuss trees!