Friday, June 10, 2011

Potty Words

It's that time again.  Potty training.  So excited to be done with diapers; dreading the inevitable accidents.  I didn't actually mean to start.  It started with a whispery promise of new big boy undies and now here we are--Day 3 of Potty Training.  We checked out a DVD at the library about potty training.  In our home, we use the words "potty" and "bm" (for 'bowel movement', fyi, because I was raised by a doctor who used clinical terms and now I do too.  Yes, we get weird looks from babysitters and other grown ups).  So my kids think that anything else is a potty word (ha ha, get it?).  So as Buddy and I are cuddled up watching this highly informative video, my older ones are sitting behind the loveseat just snickering because, as far as they're concerned, this is one naughty video!  Pee pees and poops everywhere. Oh, and the book?  Potty Train: Chugga-Chugga-Poo-Poo!  Hysterical laughter. 

He's actually doing great.  I waited until his "window" opened (when he wanted to do it), and now it seems practically done!  He also loves running around half naked, but then, who doesn't?

Speaking of Buddy, he turned 3 in May.  We held a construction party (okay by "party" I mean that he invited his little friend, Clay over, who happens to have a brother Sammy's age and a sister Girlie's age.  They came too.  It was more of a themed playdate) in his honor.  Proof:

This was the only face he'd give me.  What could I do?  It was his birthday.

His dirt cake.  He had a little friend over, Clay, who refused to eat the cake.  When Clay's mom came to pick him up, the first thing he said was "I did NOT eat dirt."

Ah, the thrill of a Toy Story racer that will put the phrase "you have a playdate with destiny" in your head permanently.  His speech therapist, Kris, came to his party too.  He was thrilled.

See? I told you.

Intense racing going on.

One of his favorite gifts was a "motor-mycle".  He rides it around with a pack of toddlers (and their motormycles) in the neighborhood. We've joked about making them little leather vests.

He's my little comedian, my little cartoon character.  He's sweet and feisty, cuddly and stubborn, hungry and playful.  And I just can't get enough of him!

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Thanks! I love the dump truck dirt cake idea! I have been trying to figure out what to do for my sons third birthday and you just helped me figure it out!!!