Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Some of) The Best Advice I Ever Got

Like most anyone who's ever gone, I loved EFY (Especially for Youth).  All four years.  And while the weeks of teams, classes, dances, activities, and awkward teenage flirting are just a fun blur, one thing stands clear that I'll never forget.  It was some advice that the speaker said would change our lives.  Three words:

Be. Here. Now.

I was a little confused.  It seemed like a cliche that fit nicely in between "Learn from the past" and "Keep your eye on the future".  Or maybe in a category with "Wherever you go, there you are." 

It wasn't until later, as I grew up, and now as I sit on my wise eagle's perch of early 30's ;)  that I see what it meant, and the wisdom in it.  It means precisely that-- to be here, in this moment, right now.  Instead of wishing your life away to a far and distant time that will be easier or more comfortable or less busy, to dance in it right now.  To love the moments of your life for what they are.  To joy in what you are learning and how you are growing right now, even when it's painful (okay, and if not joy, at least recognition).  To occasionally unplug, and ignore the phone and texts, and really be in your life and home.  Get something out of each moment of your life!  For me, it's taking time to really be interested in the latest recyclables invention that my son has come up with, or to enjoy reading the digger book for the 7th time in a row to my little guy, to ask more questions about how one plays horses during recess, or just to sit and stare in to the face of a baby that is like Christmas morning, dessert, and sunshine rolled into one.  For me, it means to take time to see through the messes, and be glad I have the kids to make them.  To smile at the dryer full of black socks and white shirts, and just be glad that my sweet husband tried to help.  To soak up the few hours of sun, and the rest of the time be glad that the plants are getting watered with no help from me. 

J has always said that I have a blessing-curse of getting lost in the moment.  Because, while, yes, I deal with some scatterbrainedness and punctuality issues--it's usually worth it.  I love being able to enjoy a moment with no thought of before or after.

Be here now.  I guess it's about pausing in the hubbub of life to really connect with the things and people around you, and enjoying the things that really matter.

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Miss Mim said...

I just love that! It will be my motto for finals :)

Aubrey said...

This was a great post. I was wishing you would post again and then you did, yay! This post really made me miss you and your sweet family. One does not come across such lovely people every day. I miss having you over for dinner and having your sweet kids play with my kids. Boise is great, but I found myself wondering the other day if the Microsoft office here needed an international finance guy. J should look into that :) I hope you guys are doing well. I really miss you.

jamie said...

yes, yes and yes!

Happy Mom said...

This is the third blog post I've read on this subject today.

It's my focus right now. The Lord is telling me something!

(and you make me happy!)

Jessica said...

It's definitely something I try to do. Although sometimes I fail miserably at it :)