Monday, April 25, 2011


My kids vie for prayer privileges around here.  Even Buddy says "[Buddy] tuwn!!" when it comes time for family prayer or blessing the food at mealtimes.  And each one seems to attempt to outdo the other in gratitude.  It will start off normal enough "We thank Thee for our family and our home...", but soon it becomes "and we thank Thee for our table...and our microwave...and our dishwasher...and our mixer...and the green cups..."  I will invariably peek up to see a little face thoughtfully looking around the kitchen for other small appliances to be grateful for.  Or another time "We thank Thee for our home, and our backyard...and our garden...trees...and cars...and telephone poles (I caught that kid completely turned around in his chair, chin resting on hand and craning his neck to see around the backyard).

I suppose that it's better than the times that I hear "And please bless us that we can be reverent during prayer.  And stop picking up books right now, and stop poking our brother during prayer.  And bless that we can keep our hands folded while I'm trying to pray." 

Sometimes it's very thoughtfully specific.  At bedtime I hear, "Please bless that I won't see monsters in my closet, or hear spooky sounds, or remember the ninja turtle book that I read today, and that there's no one under my bed or behind my dresser and that I won't think about Darth Vader."

About the same time we had Sweetie our neighbors got a puppy.  A few weeks ago they decided to give the puppy to someone else, much to the sorrow of the whole neighborhood and my children.  Since then, Buddy in every single prayer prays for Abby.  Even though he can't speak very well, he always says "Abby new home" ("bless Abby to be happy in her new home"), and it makes me smile every time. 

And I'm thankful for the kids that make me laugh every day.  Mostly every day.  Okay, every day.

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Happy Mom said...

So cute! I wish my heart was as grateful for little things.

Jessica said...

Do they ever pray, "please bless that we will be safe in the car when Mommy leaves us in there unattended?"

Ok, sorry...that's the last joke I'll make about it ;) You are such a great mom, and this post is evidence of it.

Amy said...

I can't think of anything I like better than to hear my kids pray. Lovely post.

hannah k said...

I am just so seriously in LOVE with those kids! Could they be any funnier?! I love that they are so grateful for the little things... and so specific so there is no confusion :)

Happy Mom said...

Thanks for the link to your friend's etsy shop (I LOVE etsy!)

I think I might have to buy her headband pattern -- love the flowers!