Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Am Loving

What a blissful start to a new year!  So many good things to enjoy, eat and look forward to!  Here's a few things that I am loving now...

This sugar-that-I-use-as-a-jar-for-homemade-jam bowl.  (Only $4.95 at Crate and Barrel!  No, that's not a typo!) To save room, I made homemade jam and froze it in flat ziplock bags.  When I thaw it, I just pour it into this cute bowl that comes with its own spoon.  Do you know how much I love that?  It reminds me of my grandparents which makes it all the sweeter.

My favorite $5 to spend all year.  My new planner/best friend.

This little antique silver plate that a sweet friend gave me to keep all my pretties together.  How darling is that (the friend and the plate)?

Drooled over this soap pump at Target for the longest time.  Now it's at home with me, thanks to a birthday gift card.

Chunky pearl bracelet I whipped up from a $3.99 strand of beads at Michaels.  Classic.

Pretty plates.  Not just for eating on.

White hydrangeas.  Love how serene they are!

Salted caramel cheesecake.  Possibly my favorite dessert ever. 

Making paper snowflakes with my kids.  Because now they match the back yard.

Snow completely cripples Seattle, so we're enjoying some cozy time at home.  Playing in the snow and them coming inside to warm vanilla steamers.

Why can't January be pretty?  I made a simple bunting by cutting scalloped circles in half and sewing them together on my sewing machine.  It makes it look like a party in here.
May you have the loveliest year yet!

5 love notes:

Aubrey said...

Thanks for the update, it's fun to see some of your favorite things, you have such good taste. I love your decorations. It was hard for me to take down the indoor Christmas lights that Mark had put around the main floor for me, we just took them down a couple days ago. I hope you guys are safe and sound with all that snow. We're supposed to get a bunch too the next couple days, which the kids are very excited about. I hope you are all happy and well. Miss you!

Happy Mom said...

I want to curl up at your house and wait out the winter there. It's so lovely!

Laura F said...

I LOVE the plain white dishes at C&B. While I can't afford a lot of things there (or choose not to pay their high prices!) I love their white serving bowls and platters and think they're a steal. I'm totally going looking again after seeing your cute jam jar. :-) Miss you friend, hope you're staying warm in all your winter there! I truly wish it would eventually get cold here, the bugs are going to be horrible this summer otherwise!

Salted caramel cheesecake? Yum!

Gina said...

so many neato things!

dave&hannah said...

This is too cute. It's crazy because those are all my favorite things too! "Puppies? cute or ugly." (from Friends) Seriously though completely loved those things. fun pics.