Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmasy, Pregnant Mess

This body is not 25 anymore (the age of my first pregnancy) and I can feel it. I seem to have lost more and more brain cells, and quicker than ever. On Wednesday night I hosted a dessert party for 25-30 friends, and I actually called one of my friends (that I know and like) by the wrong name. Even as it left my lips I was mortified. I called her Kathleen, and I don't even KNOW any Kathleens here. How do you even recover from that?? This happened with my last pregnancy, too, and I cannot even tell you how embarrassing it it when your brain just cannot process. A friend would walk up, "Hey, how are you feeling?" I'd smile, "Hi..., um, feeling pretty good....uh....Joan." (Okay, I had to use a fictional name, because I don't want any of my real friends to know that their name slipped my mind. Or, at least I don't think I have any friends named Joan. Maybe I do and I just don't remember).

Another delightful pregnancy happening? Spider veins. I'm not sure how I'm getting stinkin' spider veins when I've only gained 6 lbs in 13 weeks, but somehow the spider vein stars aligned and drew my number. The solution? Super sexy support hose. Oh, yeah. I'm working those industrial strength panty hose (which, incidentally, had better wear like iron if they have the audacity to charge $53.00 for them). I've also got your run-of-the-mill total nausea and exhaustion still going on from about lunch on.
I don't know if it's my 'advanced' age that is making this pregnancy so rough, or because it is a boy (I'm NOT saying it's a boy, I'm just saying that my boy pregnancies played out like this). Let's all think girl thoughts, though, since we're on the subject. Because, so help me, if I only get to plan one wedding...

At the beginning, they asked me if I wanted all these screenings for deformities, etc. I declined them all, since I'd love this baby no matter what, until she said, "Well, if you change your mind, let us know soon so we can schedule the ultrasound." An extra ultrasound? Another early peek at my baby? Sweet. So, for the price of two extra blood draws, I got to spend 10 minutes spying on my little medium-shrimp-sized baby. I know this is my fourth time with this process, but it was as AMAZING as the first time. I watched in complete wonderment at the tiny being that was crossing his/her ankles, curling his/her tiny fist underneath his/her chin in "Thinker" position, and napping in 45 second increments. It was love, truly. And my heart grew.

Christmas truly is the season for love, if there is a season. I hope that all of your homes are filled to the brim with it. That you have peace and joy spilling out your doors, down the street to your neighbors, and being carried by the mail service to the hands of those you adore. Which reminds me, I think I have the majority of my Christmas cards sent out. Maybe not. I can't really remember. If you don't get one, blame my pregnant brain. Merry Christmas anyway.

PS: The picture above are my cookies this year. Oreo balls, peanut butter cup cookies, and peppermint pinwheels. For recipes, click here.

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Carolyn said...

Those goodies look delish! I'm so glad it's not just me having "pregnancy brain"! And every time I voice a concern (complaint) to my doctor about this pregnancy... she just reminds me that I am older this time and this isn't the first time my body has gone through this. Getting older stinks! Oh well. Congrats on the coming baby and thanks for the Christmas card. It adorns my fridge.

Happy Mom said...

Contented Sigh...

Have I told you that I love your prose?

Once I was over 30, each pregnancy permanently took some of my brain power and I miss it desperately!!!

Your cookies and the package at the top are soooo cute!! You know that's intimidating to some of us, that you can be pregnant and miserable and still give out thoughtful gifts that look like they belong in a magazine spread! You are an amazing woman!

Jessica said...

The goodies were delish. Yes, WERE. We finished them all off pretty darn quick over here.

$53 for the gorgeous support hose? Well hey, look at it this was cheaper than your anniversary dinner ;)

the3girls said...

Melynie, you are an amazing woman & I love you to death! Always such a sweet message you have to share. Merry Christmas to you - I wish I lived closer so you could share those goodies with me!

Amy R said...

You're not much of a mess, if you ask me. LOOK at those cookies. You should take a look at my fudge. And I don't have the prenancy excuse... I have the "I'm Amy" excuse, I guess.

Wright said...

Aah, the forgetfulness-how we forget how forgetful we are during pregnancy! Your card and pic was darling!! Hope you and your darling fam have a fabulous Christmas!

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