Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy Overload 2009

We rocked the neighborhood in superhero style this Halloween. Super Girl, Batman, and baby Superman all raked in a pretty good chocolate haul, due to a large neighborhood and few kids. Basic 'supply and demand', people. "Take more, take more" said everyone and their dog. Music to a dental-bill-paying mother's ears. We carefully avoided the slugs that cover Northwest sidewalks, and kept passing other families that kept saying "Hello, Super Family!" Sammy's pumpkin treat bag laughed a menacing "Mwuh-ha-ha-ha" when he pushed the button...every time someone opened their door. Then, when they complimented the costumes, Sammy would offer up "These are actually my pajamas"; I cringed and smiled every time. It's true. Because, why would I waste money on an expensive Batman costume if we had perfectly good Batman pajamas? Seriously. But I digress. If there was just a candy bowl on the porch, the kids would yell out, "Happy Halloween, whoever you are!!!" J kept taking "Candy Taxes", presumably for his chaperoning efforts that night.

Monday night was spent elbow-deep in pumpkin guts. Girlie dove right in, while Wild Man repeatedly asked, "How about we get some gloves to do this?"

Once he finally dove in, he thought it necessary to come terrorize me.

We meant to have the 'happy' one using himself to roast a marshmallow, but never got around to it.

This was Salon a la Mommy. Girlie was not too pleased about the poofy super hero hair I was creating for her.

She changed her tune when she realized the volume of sugar we were talking about.

Wild Man Sam's first candy choice were some disturbingly real-looking and gross gummy teeth and fangs (or, 'thangs' as he calls them). Of course, and why not?

All in all, an excellent Halloween. Hope yours was spooktacular too!

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Jessica said...

Cute!! Maybe I will use some pjs for a costume next year...great resourcefulness.

I am confused...isn't the girl supposed to be the one icked out by the pumpkin guts? ;)
I hope she is free from the flu now and feeling better.

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun mom you are and those kids are so cute!

Miss Mim said...

Your kids have the most expressive faces. Modeling should seriously be considered.

Happy Mom said...

Such cute kids!!! Another Halloween success!

Aubrey said...

So cute! Thanks for the post! The kids looked awesome!

Carolyn said...

Saw you over on Little Birdie Secrets!

knechted forever said...

oh my gosh! How fun! I am a lot jealous since we neither bought candy (due to the outrageous costs) nor did we go trick or treating. Therefore we experienced a significant deficit in our candy supply. I feel like you ought to think about what any good family friend would do and possible distribute some to poor folk in Idaho... yeah?

Cory Elvidge said...

lol, I just got caught up on your last 4 posts. Melynie James, you are the craftiest most creative person I know! I LOVE that you provide how-to's for all the rest of us lol. I don't think I was present when they handed out the crafty gene. Bummer cause I sure didn't get the sports one either lol. But I follow directions very well!! So thanks a ton. :) Those kiddos look adorable! Tell them that I miss them and can't wait to squeeze them. xo

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Candy taxes...I love that comment in this post. I just call it, making sure the candy is good enough to eat. Love you my luff. Cute super hero family