Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sea World {Days 3 & 4}

Then we spent two days at Sea World.  Here I am with two of my favorite things--Mandy and flamingos.

They got a little wet on this ride...

The little girl is oblivious that the polar bear could eat her for breakfast.

Killer whales.

One of the coolest things we got to see was a baby killer whale that was born that morning.  Mommy whales are pregnant for 18 months, and when they finally give birth to their 350 lb babies, they don't rest--even to eat--and, instead, swim for a week straight.  That teaches their babies how to swim and strengthens them.  The mommy whale has a system worked out with her trainers--she swims by the platform with her mouth open and they run along and throw food in her mouth so that she can keep swimming.  It was AMAZING to witness this!  The love and sacrifice of mothers is amazing!!!  Isn't baby Shamu cute?  That little fin next to his mama? 

If I can photoshop Sweetie's finger out of her nose, we might use this for our Christmas card picture this year.  

My boyfriend and I.

It made the trip SO fun to be with sweet friends!

This photo (above) was taken just minutes before this photo (below).

Luckily it was our only minor meltdown. 
We were waiting for J and the big kids on a ride.  I motioned to J that Buddy was breaking down and he made a camera motion at me.  I thought he meant "Take a picture of it", but what he was actually saying was "I told him he could take a picture."  J's idea would have been better.

The Sea World version of the tea cups.  The kids are thinking "Rock on."  The grown ups are thinking "I'm going to throw up."

Touching starfish.

All our cute kiddos.

The fantastic dolphin show.

The get-you-totally-soaked rafting ride.

Another highlight of the trip!  I kind of want a pet dolphin now.

A view of the bay from the Sky Tram ride.

5 love notes:

Staci said...

I laughed so hard at the "take a picture of him" versus "he can take a picture" miscommunication. It's so classic.

And "Hear, hear!" on the sacrifices of mother. That's very cool about the whales. I had no idea.

Aubrey said...

That's so cool that you got to see a brand new baby killer whale. I have a strange phobia of killer whales, so I'm not sure how I would do at Sea World, but it looks like great fun. Love those kid meltdowns. Joy has them at the funniest times.

jamie said...

i'm so glad you got to take this trip. what a fun adventure that your kids will never forget. i'll need to get any advice from you since we're planning this trip for next year (but don't tell our kids that).

Aaron said...

Were you guys at Sea world in San Diego? (looks like it) We now live a little more than an hour north on the I-15.

Aaron Shiley

Melynie said...

Aaron, yes, we must have driven right by your neighborhood! We spent time at Disney and at Sea World. You must LOVE living there! It was fabulous! Tell your sweet family hi from us!

Jamie,lots of people I know are planning trips there, so I will put all our tips and experience in a post soon! (I know I would have appreciate it while I was planning!)