Friday, March 8, 2013

California Adventure {Day 5}

Saturday was spent at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas.  It was an AMAZING day!  The weather was so perfect.  I overheard someone say "No, honey. Maybe in the summer when it's warmer." and it shocked me because I am so enjoy-the-moment that I'd forgotten that it was still winter!!  It was as if we'd been transported to glorious summer. (It was about as hot as a Seattle Summer).

My lovely Girlie.

Watching them playing in the crashing waves was the BEST!!

Sand, anyone?  Come on, let's exfoliate!

Surf kings.

Can't even tell you how much I love that these are all mine.

My little honey was the cutest little beach bum.

He was so...very...tired...

The San Diego temple was right off the freeway.  It was GORGEOUS!  It looked like an enchanted castle (Disney on the brain...).  In fact, they don't light it up anymore at night because people were getting into accidents.

This was a fantastic surprise!  We went to Old Town San Diego for some amazing Mexican food and happened upon the Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  The renovated it about 3 years ago and is was SO well done!  Really, really awesome. 

We walked in and Sweetie asked the sister missionary "Where is the princess?"  Lucky for us, one of the sister missionaries had worked as a Disney princess and sang some princess songs for her.  Sweetiie was, once again, enchanted.

It was perfect for families and kids.  Here are the kids panning for gold at the end. 

I want to do this vacation all again.  And next time we might rent the Fiesta Cab.

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