Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And then he turned 7...last September...

So among the myriad of things of which I've neglected to post, one of them was  Sammy's 7th birthday.  We celebrated his seven wild years of life with a carnival.
Most appropriate.
First, I hired some clowns.

Creating the 'big top' with strips of plastic tablecloth and garden lights.

Made the carnival sign from cardstock.  The white sheets were 1/2 sheets of cardstock, the letters were cut out on my Cricut.  I put clear vinyl on the front to make it sturdy, hole punched the corners and tied it together with bakers twine.

The prize booth was really fun to create.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading and the Dollar Spot at Target.  The kids earned tickets doing the games, and could redeem them for prizes at the end.

Let the games begin! 

The duck race.  All you need is ducks, motorized water guns, and enough water to make everyone uncomfortably wet.

Hot Shot.  Nerf gun heaven.

A tattoo parlor.  Go ahead and get inked if you feel so inclined.

Ball Toss.  Empty cans, covered with scrapbook paper.

They were foamy baseballs.  Didn't need any noggins getting konked.

Photo booth.  It's become a birthday party staple.

Carnival cupcakes

Popcorn, anyone?

Make a wish!

Happy birthday to my amazing little boy!

3 love notes:

Shelley said...

Wow Melynie
You are just so amazing and creative. I wish you well in your new calling. You will do a great job and bless so many women in your ward. You are just very special.

hannah k. said...

THIS PARTY IS THE BEST. Why was I not there?! Seriously, about to make myself a hot dog and go get those perfect lollipops. Maybe I'll just throw it for Dave's 27th? This is so awesome and the games were so creative! I love that they got to earn tokens for prizes!

Darren and Brandi said...

seriously impressive. i love to see all your amazing parties!