Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why limit yourself to only one costume?

We really sucked the blood out of this Halloween. Bad pun intended.  We also wore more than our share of costumes this year.

For the church trunk or treat, we were a team of moustached Target employees.  Not sure why Girlie is throwing down the gansta signs and Sammy looks like an amputee.

My lova.

Aisle 8, if you please.

Halloween day shirts.  This was the most normal picture I could get out of them.

Preschool party fireman.


Laura Ingalls Wilder (she just read "Little House of the Prairie") jumping for a donut at the 4th grade party.

Obi Wan Kenobi, kickin' it with a storm trooper buddy at the 1st grade party.

Cinderella, fireman, Obi Wan,  and Super Girl chillin' with Daddy at Microsoft (party and trick or treating).

Crazy little Cinderella.

We're all enchanted with her.

One dashing vampire,

who loves his little sister.
Such fun, but by the end of the day, I had no Halloween spirit left. :)

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dave&hannah said...

I SERIOUSLY LOVE all the costumes. So I know that is not so out of the norm, multiple clothes changes, but they are so fun and adorable!! Especially love um... #2's so sophisticated and dashing vampire costume! I love the spunk, the creativity and the beautiful costumes! And of course, you look great in red. Have I told you that? :)