Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall {in love}

It took awhile, but I've accepted that fall is here.  I love, truly love, fall.  It's just hard to accept that summer (=sun) is over.  I didn't post anything all summer, because I was busy having the Best. Summer. Of. My. Life. But now, I am embracing fall, with all its cripsness, smells of cinnamon and apples, crunchy beautiful leaves, warm colors and clothing.  It's good.  It's very good. And, it's also time for a new mantel.  I went with simplicity as my aim.  Just enough, not too much--I hope.
Some other fall favorites?

Pull aparts.  Oh. so. yummy.  Perfect for a brunch, breakfast, dessert, or really any time you need something to eat.  They are an overnight affair.  Get the easy recipe HERE.
Check out my new favorite kitchen towels.  Simple and perfect!  Thank you, World Market. Check them out HERE.



French books, in case any of my French-speaking friends wants to come over to my house and read.  I want them to feel welcome.

Berry garland attached with white artists tape.

This is the hallway to my powder room.  I thought it deserved a little sprucing up too.


What do YOU love about Fall?

4 love notes:

Aubrey said...

Beautiful house as always! The leaves here have been amazing this year, a riot of color everywhere. We've had several days of near 70 degree weather. It's been wonderful. Have a great day!

jamie said...

to answer your question--everything! it's my absolute favorite time of year. i am drinking a warm beverage by a cracking fire as i write this...

dave&hannah said...

Really loving all the colors! A fantastic color scheme this year. I love the slight twist of summer's red/pink and gray/bluish to now incorporate the oranges of fall. Fun. And of course whoever painted that wall behind your fireplace had true skill, talent, class, charisma and pure genius.

Sarah Ringer said...

I heart fall so very much and it brings joy to my soul just to see your decorations... I was actually just a little sad to take down all my fall decor to make way for winter. Sure love you guys!