Monday, June 4, 2012

Buddy's Cat in the Hat party

Happy 4th Birthday to my little Buddy!!  What a fun 4 years it's been with this kiddo.  We celebrated in Seussy style.

Favor bags:  sidewalk chalk, bubbles, spikey blue ball that looks like a 'Thing' to me (Target), Dr. Seuss alphabet stickers (Michaels), balls and kazoos (Target).  They also got pinwheels and goldfish crackers.

The bunting was easy to make.  Two yards of polka dot fabric and 4 pkg extra wide, double fold white bias tape.  I'll post a tutorial soon.

Woke the birthday boy up with a donut in bed. (Okay, he was already starting to get dressed for the day, so we had him climb back in bed, shirtless, and pretend to be asleep).  It was a highlight of the day for him.

Kid table with a goldfish (swimming), some goldfish (Pepperidge Farm), and striped tablecloth (ordered a 100 yd roll from Oriental Trading Co).

Made cleanup easy on myself with striped paper straws (, plastic deli baskets and liners (Joann Fabrics)

Cat in the Hat pops made from a slice of one jumbo marshmallow, three regular big marshmallow, and strips of strawberry fruit by the foot.  Strung them on skewers and had an instant treat!

Love that responsible little goldfish in the book, so we had goldfish all over.  Here are little bags (Target) with handmade labels (paper from Michaels).

Pinwheels (a kit from Michaels) doubled as decoration and favors.

I found a picture of the fish online, printed it out and taped it to a real goldfish bowl with tissue paper 'water'.

The hat on the table is from the "What's in the Cat's Hat?"
 game and doubled as centerpiece and party game.

His 'cake' was a bunch of Thing-y cupcakes (used the star tip and buttercream frosting).  Cut out the cupcake flags and wrappers on my cricut.

Cute little party goers.

Daddy ran the photo booth.

We had a basket of costumes and accessories that they could use for props.

The food was easy and no-fuss.  Buddy picked chicken nuggets, strawberries, carrot sticks, chocolate milk, cupcakes and ice cream cones. 

Make a wish, Love!

The party was at lunchtime, and after afternoon naps, we took dinner to a beach.  We played frisbee and made sand castles and just PLAYED, then headed back home for family present opening.  We gave him a Razor scooter with light up wheels, and as he cruised around the cul de sac, he threw his head back and yelled "The is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!"  That right there makes everything worth it. :)

6 love notes:

Zann said...

I must say that your Seuss party does indeed look like the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I'm afraid to show my littles. I fear they might expect me to live up to your awesomeness!

Traci said...

You are amazing, Melynie! SO CUTE!
You can be my party planner anytime.

Miss Mim said...

So stinkin cute! You have outdone yourself once again.

Laura F said...

Amazing! Looks like the party was a huge success, and look at all your attention to details! I love home parties!!! The best part though was the "best birthday ever!" I LOVE that. What a sweetheart. Missed your call a while back and was so sad! Love you!

hannah bee said...

You host the cutest kid parties I've ever seen! I'm so glad that the birthday boy had such a great day and I can't wait to see what the other kiddo's special days are made up of this year. You're such a creative, thoughtful Mama!

Sydney said...

That is the cutest Birthday party I have ever seen! Samantha is right, you do put on the perfect party.