Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Today Was Super Fantastic

The sun was shining today.  DID YOU HEAR ME???  THE SUN, IT WAS SHINING! And for a vitamin D-deprived Midwestern girl, that is a BIG deal.  It made my whole day glow.  I almost forgot what it was like.  Seriously, look at my reflection in the glass, I have to shield my eyes from this big, bright, yellow thing in the sky.

Yesterday, was Easter!  The most hopeful holiday of them all!  He Is Risen!  We are so grateful to Jesus Christ for His sacrifice and atonement.  To enjoy a video about the first Easter, click HERE.  To see that Easter also gives me a reason to dress my kids up in coordinating clothing, see the picture above.

Got all this in the mail today.  Personal letters MAKE my day, as do cute striped straws and Martha Stewart Living.  Oh, also, I got an offfer for 6 free issues of People magazine (my guilty pleasure; Josh always buys one for me to read while I'm in labor.  I save it, so that my babies can know the 'news' when they were born).  That always makes my day, too.

The hyacinths are in bloom and they smell like heaven.  They get so full that they fall over. (That reminds me of the Friends episode where they make fun of Chandler with the line "Oh, no!  Two women love me, my fifties won't fit in my wallet, and my diamond shoes are too tight!")

The daffodils are out too.  And behind them?  My van is clean.

Why is this barren piece of dirt included in today's 'good things'?  Because earlier today it was, instead, a jungle of weeds and moss.  Now it's a plot of dirt ready to be planted.  It even comes with some ready made green onions, Swiss chard, and a plant that I wasn't sure what it was, but in case it is edible instead of a weed, I let it grow.

Leftover centerpiece from an Easter celebration with friends that was beyond storybook charming.

The A team.

My swirly, twirly little girlie that loves new shoes as much as I do.

Also, a dear friend of mine had a baby today.  What a fantastic day to have a baby, yes?   I can't wait to meet the little fella.  Enjoying a newborn without the 'labor' and 'delivery' and 'sleepless nights'?  Holla
(I know, I can't pull off a 'holla'.  Just thought I'd try it out.  It's the sunshine talking.)

Also, the fact that my kids think the F-word is 'fat' and the S-word is 'stupid'.
That makes my day too.

Happy Super Fantastic Spring Day to YOU!!

8 love notes:

The Cook Fam said...

You are too cute! I miss you!! I've tried to explain the whole lack-of-sunshine-thing to people and I don't think you can really understand unless you've lived it.

hannah bee said...

There is nothing better than a happy, sunshine day. I can't imagine going so long without seeing the sun. The kiddos are all SO BIG!!!!! Especially little A. It's like she became a big girl over night!

Aubrey said...

Spring in Seattle is so amazing because it's such a contrast to the winter. It sounds like you're doing really well there and I'm so glad. I love all your flowers, so pretty. Next year I want to have tulips and daffodils everywhere. And your sweet kids are gorgeous too! Have a great week!

Amy said...

I miss you friend. And your kids. Even the one I never have met, because I am sure I would love her, too.

hannah k. said...

haha how much i love this is incredible. I can't get OVER that cute little girl. I look at her and think, "How is she standing? I'm pretty sure she's a tiny baby doll who needs to be toted around all the time!!!!" Plus I can't get enough of the coordinating outfits and GORGEOUS flowers. I can't wait until I can plant bulbs and watch them come up the next year instead of wanting to dig up everything beautiful i've planted to move with me.

hilary said...

Um, LOVE the pictures - and that last one of your tiny tot looks LIKE YOU!! I never really thought she did, but in that photo I see your in her face. I'm sure that made you sigh with relief. =)

Mandy said...

Your posts always make me smile. You have to tell me where you got your striped straws, please! I had some once and now I can't find them.

Melynie said...

Thanks for the shout outs, ladies! Lovely to hear from all of you!

Mandy, I got my straws from a daily deal on Pick Your Plum, but I usually get them from Amazon. With free shipping (on $25 or more), they're a pretty good price (I've gotten red as low as $7.50 for 144). So cute!!