Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nothing Tastes Better Than Thin Feels

A cute friend of mine had this sign up in her kitchen.  I read it as I was eating mini quiches.  I would agree, wholeheartedly, except that I think the author of this quote probably never had a Reese's cup or a Cadbury mini egg.  Or a slice of cheesecake.  Or a mini quiche, for that matter.  Because, believe me, when I taste those things, I don't care about Thin-ness.  Until I glance sideways at the reflection in the YMCA pool locker room mirror and think that maybe I would trade those frosted Easter egg-shaped sugar cookies that I already ate for Thin.  Well, first I think that I need a new swimsuit, and then I think that.

That's why we joined the gym a few months ago.  To help ourselves be healthier, and maybe even a little thinner.  I've lost three pounds, give or take, since then.  I like to think that it's "because I'm gaining muscle and that weighs more than fat."  But I sort of think that's an urban myth, because there are still parts of me that jiggle when I am shakin' my thang in Zumba class.

I prefer workouts that include fun music and dancing.  I've sampled Adult Ballet, Pachanga (pretty much a Latin dance party), Zumba and I still have Belly Dancing on my list.  Well, I did try out a punishing hour of "Boot Camp" once.  A bunch of my [apparently hard-core] friends recommended it.  One was even pregnant, and I thought "If a pregnant lady can do this..."  ...So three days later, when I could walk again, I decided not to ever step foot in Boot Camp again. 

One counterintuitive thing that happens when I work out, is that I want to eat more.  While I'm at the gym, man, I am determined.  I will eat only fresh veggies and brown rice.  No more sugar for this mama.  I will drink more water.  I will come back tomorrow.  Then I get home and I think "Man, I am bushed.  Hey, I'll take one of those treats.  By golly, I earned it!"  And I'll eat said treat and feel completely justified because, for cryin' out loud, I just did three sets of 25 on the 'butt machines.' 

Today I took another friend-endorsed class called "Cardio and Strength".  Because of a defiant 3-year old, I walked in barely on time and the class was very full.  So full, in fact, that the only place left was front and center.  So close to the instructor that I could have kissed her.  That, my friend, is some pressure.  Not only do I have the older-than-me-but-could-still-totally-kick-my-tail instructor staring me down, but everyone else's eyes are trained in my direction.  None of this hide in the corner and march it out when I feel faint business.  I will tell you that doing jumping jacks was the 'break' in this class.  You know how in yoga, you go to fetal "child's pose" for rest?  Well, here, you turned to jumping jacks.  I would show you this other 'plank and dip down' move that we had to do if I could.  Unfortunately, I can't move my body anymore.  I'm sure that once I try to stand up from typing this post, my jelly-muscle body will give out on me and I will collapse into a heap, unable to even reach the Cadbury mini eggs.  Maybe that's how the girls in that class got so thin.  They do the class, then don't even have the strength to eat.

There are some people that are naturally thin.  To them I say "Yee haw for you."  Go ahead and sit back and laugh at the rest of us while you eat Nutella from the jar.  For those in my boat...may you get the strength from the mini eggs that you need to go to Cardio and Strength with me next week.

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Tasha said...

Love it! I find that working out always seems counterproductive because then I come home and crave ice cream. But I do work out-- well, when I'm not 9 1/2 months pregnant! (It's hard to be in healthcare and justify not working out when you want your patients to). Working out is about so much more than the scale, though--it has so many benefits. I see tons of patients that would be better off just doing something active rather than adopt the "if I can't fight it, why try?" attitude. So good for you. And I'm sure you look much better than you give yourself credit for!

Staci said...

You crack me up! When I read that quote at the top, I thought, "clearly that person needs to try better food..."

Good for you on the workouts, though! That's awesome.

Aubrey said...

Keep up the good work, you're awesome!

Laura F said...

I can't even imagine you need a thing - you're beautiful! So, I know it's hard to believe looking at me *wink* but I've NEVER set foot in a gym. They terrify me beyond comprehension. I am all about doing the workouts at home in front of a tv and am looking into the new wii zumba thing, but we'll see how far that goes. We own a treadmill, a stability ball and some kind of ab machine that gathers dust. Anyway, you're an inspiration to me for even showing up! Way to go! (Have you tried the caramel-filled cadbury eggs??? You know, the big ones? YUM!)

Laura F said...
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Jessica said...

I don't know...after actually seeing you demonstrate that plank dip thing to me...I think I might be perfectly cut out for that class. Um...not! ;) Zumba though, I am always up for that! And chocolate.

hannah bee said...

Good work Melynie!!! You've got to keep throwing new challenges at the body to get results. Otherwise you'll just plateau. I know it's hard work but that's how it's supposed to be. I hazard to guess that you may even start to like it after a while. Maybe?!?! Yeah for the "workout high" Love you!!!!

Leslie said...

Remember when we used to do the elliptical together at that one gym in O'Fallon? Oh, the good 'ole days. I went back to the gym last week and worked with a trainer two days in a row and couldn't walk for five. Why is it so hhhhaaaarrrrdd?