Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did I Mention Crazy Hair Day?

It was Crazy Hair Day at school.  We had a little fun with it.  We put a cup on Girlie's head and brushed her hair up and around it.  We left a couple pieces down on the side, braided them and pinned them up on the side.  Then I hairsprayed the heck out of it.

I think maybe I'll do this to my hair, too.  What do you think?

5 love notes:

Jamie and Lauren said...

Such a great look for you- send me a picture when you do it. Miss you guys. Girlie is getting so big!

hannah k. said...

Hello. I love this so much. I for real want to do this to my hair. You guys are so cute + you can pull anything off!

JustusFam said...

We saw a bunch of HS girls walking around Disney with that hair-do

Melynie said...

Jamie--you KNOW I'll be posting a picture if I ever do my hair like this. :)

Ruthie--I'll do your hair like this for the wedding. :)

Chris--that is HILARIOUS!!! I say you girls should join in! :)

hannah bee said...

Ruthie is going to be the most beautiful bridesmaid with this hair! I can't wait! Well done to the creative hair dresser!