Friday, April 6, 2012

The A's

Let me introduce you to the cutest (This picnic they planned?  Hello.), and possibly most destructive force on earth--the A's.  So named for the first letter of their names, we have come to realize they are a force to be reckoned with.  When we find a mess, take this tiny example for instance:

...the conversation usually goes like this

Me:  Who made this mess?
(substitute underlined portion with 'unrolled the whole toilet paper roll', 'dumped out the basket of folded laundry', 'unpacked the pantry again', 'drew on the walls', 'covered the floor with maxi pads', 'put bandaids all over the walls', 'flooded the bathroom', etc)

Big A: Not me.
Little A: Not me.
Girlie and Sam:  The A's.

Here's Little A. 

 I cannot get enough of this girl.  She runs from the camera and refuses to smile, but she is like my personal sunshine.  She is full of life and joy and I am ecstatic every time I see her.  J calls her my kryptonite, and reminds me that I need to say 'no' to her every once in a while.  I have the hugest crush on her.  She's sweet and girlie, says 'Cuse me' when she passes gas, and 'Ucky 'tuff' when she sees something gross or dirty, loves accessories and talking on the phone.  Sigh.  Someday, when it's just the two of us at home, there is going to be a lot of shoe shopping.

And here is Big A, with an 'It wasn't me...' look on his face.  He is like a little Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), and I am serious.  He loves mischief, is clever and hilarious.  He sees shapes and pictures in everything--clouds, pasta, swirly lines.  He has a funny imagination.  He's got a bit of a speech delay, which makes it all the funnier when he says stuff.  Once when I told him that he cracks me up he said, "What?  Yike a egg?  You are yike a yittle chicken an I put you in a yittle egg and cwack you up?"

One time he walked in to see J yawning over some work.  He said "Daddy, if you aw tired, go to seep.  If not, wake up!!"  He adores vehicles and when we cross the street he looks both ways and says "No caws. No motocycles, no dump chucks, no diggos." (That's cars, motorcycles, dump trucks and diggers, for those who don't speak A).

And he loves his little sister.

And she loves him.

And they've formed this funny little alliance.  J and I think they are really going to be fun little ones to finish off our family.  Or, as I like to tease J, fun ones to tote through Europe.


5 love notes:

Jamie and Lauren said...

I am pretty sure I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. Sweetie got huge! She doesn't look like the little baby we saw last time! Adorable!

Aubrey said...

Your kids are so, so cute! It was great to see new pictures of your little A. She is so precious. I can just imagine your A-team getting into mischief together. It's hard to be upset when they're so cute. I'm also starting to realize that I have to say "no" to our little Joy sometimes. It's so hard, but she's starting to push some boundaries that probably should be firm. I love your description of Buddy's talking, so cute. I hope you're having a lovely spring. I hope we can see you guys this summer, I miss you. :)

hannah k. said...

They are too much. Seriously. They are the CUTEST little pair of mischief I've ever seen. Completely innocent on the outside and so devious at the same time! I love them.

hannah bee said...

They are so sweet together and yet a force to be reckoned with! In short, they are darling! I only wish we could all be together more often.

hannah bee said...

They are so sweet together and yet a force to be reckoned with! In short, they are darling! I only wish we could all be together more often.