Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Summer of Nothing and Everything

Nothing.  This summer, we've gone nowhere exciting, exotic, or even warm (except Utah).  We've done nothing extraordinary.  We've met no one famous, seen anything mind blowing, read anything earth-shattering.  We've not done any sort of particularly glamourous trips (unless Utah counts, but I was thinking more along the lines of Maui), or eaten especially fancy cuisine. 



We have been together and happy.  And together and happily we've been dining alfresco every night, exploring new parks, painting rocks, making fun pancakes, playing "sponge ball",  eating fresh blueberries by the 1/2 flat, enjoying family movie nights, blackberry picking, family reunions (in Utah, which included paintball, 4 wheelers, fishing and crafting), canning 63 quarts of fresh peaches, hiking, gardening, exploring a real battleship, visiting friends and family that we adore, and doing yard work together in the cool evenings.  Just being healthy, and happy, and together.

And to me, that is everything.  What was your favorite thing about summer?

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Aubrey said...

I think our home-made pizza's are fairly fancy cuisine and if the Discovery Center in Boise isn't mind-blowing, I don't know what is. Just kidding :) It sounds like you had a great summer. I love just being together with my little family too. I hope your autumn goes even better than the summer.

Things' Mommy said...

Oh, totally, Aubs. I mean, EXCEPT for all those things. :) We really did have a blast with you guys. Thanks so much for your sweet hospitality!! Love you!!

HangerMom said...

Have you read the book "The Gift of Nothing"? Because it almost sounds like your quoting it, but it may just be that the sentiment is so universal. Our summer was very similar. A lot of nothing. And mostly everything. All at the same time.

Things' Mommy said...

No, I've never heard of that book, but it sounds lovely! I'm sure I'd love it. When I would hear of other exciting summer trips, for just a millisecond I'd feel almost...apologetic... about our 'nothing summer', but it was exactly the summer I wanted and needed. Especially after the seizure drama in June, I was overwhelmingly content with the fact that all my babies were home together enjoying the simple pleasures of summer. I was completely satisfied with just BEING. Our own little world was all I needed and it was wonderful. I think it's a marvelous point when you realize you're completely happy with what you have. I'm so glad you had the same kind of summer!! I wish we lived closer. I'd love to know your kiddos better!

Jessica said...

Sounds great to me! We didn't really go anywhere either, but I loved this summer! We sure had a lot of fun. Are you ready for Fall? Our favorite season? I know last year you didn't want it to come so soon.

Things' Mommy said...

Okay, Jess, I am and I'm not. I feel gypped again this summer, so a part of me is kicking and screaming that it's over and refusing to do a fall mantel yet. And then there's a part of me that went ahead and changed the wreath on the door today. :)