Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way more pictures of us than you want to see {Early April}

In a meager attempt to keep my blog updated, here is a nutshell version of early April in our household.

We made a Conference tent.

Sweetie made her first official mess.  Isn't it cute?

We went on a fabulous Spring-break-but-it-looks-like-winter-still trip with our dear friends up to Semiahmoo--a gorgeous coastal spot close to Vancouver, B.C.

These kids LOVE to play together.

Buddy hopped up on some driftwood and said "Mo pichurs (More pictures), Mommy.  Yun mo (one more).  Yun mo.  No mo."

We spent a day in Vancouver at the amazing aquarium there.  Here's Sweetie at the dolphin show.

Our sweet friends, Christian and Mandy.  J and Christian are like secret twin brothers.  They act and think so much alike it's eerie.  They like to get together and commiserate about all the crafting 'junk' their wives drag home. :)

Pictures with my entire family are my favorite.  I'm absolutely crazy about these people.

The boys got Japadogs to eat.  Japanese hotdogs with fish flakes on them.  ...yum?..

The mommies opted for crepes.


It was a fabulous four days.  Despite what Sweetie is saying.

There was also a huge rainbow by our house.  We all stood for a while in jammies on our front porch watching it.

My delicious smelling hyacinths were so big they had to lay down.  That's right, flowers that are just too big.

And, Sweetie got even cuter.

Early April, check.

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Aubrey said...

Sweetie is so, so cute! I'm glad you were able to post these great pictures. The rainbow picture is amazing. It's sounds like you had a great spring break! Can't wait to see more!