Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was the baptism of my lovely, sweet, beautiful girl.  It was one of the best days of my life.  She was so lovely and excited and prepared.  She understood what an important day it was, and the promises that she was making with her Father in Heaven.  It was a sunny, peaceful day.

That morning we gave her own set of scriptures with her name on them.  She was beyond thrilled, and said it was the best gift she could imagine.  She carried them around for the rest of the day.

So blessed to have a daddy worthy to baptize her.

We felt so blessed to be surrounded by people we love for this special day.  Lots of friends helped, and we felt so grateful to know such wonderful people.

                                           We enjoyed yummy, beautiful refreshments.

I made her favorite peppermint pinwheel cookies.

And a cake that was not at all fattening.

She is the most gracious, lovely person I know.  I am not kidding.

She looked like an angel to me.


That afternoon we went down to the temple to enjoy the peace and beauty there.  Can I just say I am so enchanted by my daughters, and entertained by my sons.

Girlie wrote down her feelings of the day in a special journal that her primary teacher gave her.

Eternally grateful that these peeps are mine forever.

We had dinner at her favorite restaurant, Dennys. :)  Then we headed home for a short family walk and soaked up the last sunny rays of the day.  We've missed the sun and it seemed to come out to make her day absolutely perfect!

Click here for the Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies recipe, for all those who asked. :)

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Jamie and Lauren said...

Gave me goosebumps reading this. She looks beautiful. I am so sad we live too far away to make it to these special family moments. I cant wait for Jamie to baptize our kids!

Jamie and Lauren said...

P.S.- I want that peppermint pinwheel cookie recipe. They look delicious.

Cory Elvidge said...

Whatever Lauren... U live right by us and still didn't make it to Rileys special day :$.

dave&hannah said...

So many things to say about this! Your daughter is SUCH a doll and I was a little sad to see she is kind of growing up and wearing heels and carrying a purse! But still so sweet and angelic.. hello, she is journaling this moment! BEST. You youngest boy is TOO MUCH! HAHAHA, all his picture are SO 3 years old and sassy. He is cracking me up! Love that your day was so beautiful. And I love that you are such a hot mama! Loved that dress you wore to the baptism.

Karen said...

Why can't we be neighbors? Little tastes of you and your family just isn't enough!!

Happy Mom said...


Nothing better in the life of a family!!

(except maybe grandkids, but you don't want those yet!)

Amy said...

I want some of that cake! Congratulations to Meg on making such an important decision!

Megs said...

What a perfect day!! I am so happy for Meg. I love the cake (and the whole table set up, very cute). I was just looking at a similar cake last week and thinking there was no way I could pull it off. Of course you were able to do it and it looked amazing. What a fun idea to go down the temple too. Hard not to love a day that ends at Dennys ;)

Sarah Ringer said...

Congrats to sweet Girlie -- we are so proud of her and love and miss you all so much! Can I just say that those pics reminded me of your baptism, down to the table setting and the smile on Girlie's face next to her dad. SO special!

Things' Mommy said...

Thanks, everyone! We feel so lucky to have such a sweet, wonderful daughter and to have such amazing friends that we love like family.

Jessica said...

What a special day for such a special girl!
Next year it will be Averie's turn... even though you just had her last week, remember? ;)