Friday, February 25, 2011

Mixin' It Up (in the family room)

So I fell in love with a rug.  It's beautiful, plush, big, and a lot less money than you'd expect for something 8'x11'.  I planned a whole room around it, too.  Picked out paint, planned to swap out the current window panels for my summer ones, new art, new accent colors, new pillow covers to sew, new wall treatment, everything.  It was going to be grand. 

I explained the whole thing to J.  Many times over the last few weeks, in fact.  I always got a "Mmm..." type response, so during our weekly 'Relationship Inventory', I honed in on him.  It was committment time.  He listened this time.  And then said "No."  So vexing.  He pointed out the cost--I explained why it was actually saving us money (he went to sleep still laughing about that one).  I explained that "This is what I do, though" and he countered with 'you already did this a year and half ago'.  He pointed out that we already have a rug and it isn't all thrashed; I pointed out that, actually, it's damaged in a few spots; he pointed out that, actually, you can't see the spots from the surface.  I told him I just 'didn't feel inspired by this room'; he suggested I go to a different room.

I refered to him as DC (Dream Crusher) for a few days.  It's not my fault he doesn't care if a room is inspiring or not.  He suggested maybe we 'need to get you working again.'  (He doesn't actually want me to work, he would just rather spend my 'need for inspiration' on someone else's home).  I kind of heaved a lot of heavy, dramatic sighs that night.  Designers and finance guys don't always see eye to eye.

But designers are tough people.  As Karla Nielson, my favorite BYU teacher would say "Designers are problem solvers."  I don't know how you deal with problems.  Everyone has their own way.  Some crazy people go running to soothe themselves, some eat, some do yoga.  Me?  I rotate artwork and rearrange furniture, redo my mantel and re-accessorize. 

My spirit wouldn't be crushed for long, and in an act of...defiance?...I dug through my stores of decor-in-waiting.  I grabbed some nails and a hammer, and raided my closets for forgotten pretties.  That's right, just try and stop me from hanging the maps we got on our cruise 4 1/2 years ago and moving the little apothecary to the mantel and putting those little 'useless' ceramic balls front and center.  Oh, I don't stop there!  I will go to Home Depot for a dowel to hang that linen towel on the wall, and plate hangers to mount those beauties I found at that boutique in Kansas over Christmas! (We've moved onto the kitchen now).  No, don't bother asking me why, oh, why I keep putting things above our cabinets.

What a rush.  When I finally put the hammer and the candles down and took a deep breath, I felt happy.  It looked good, maybe even a teensy bit inspiring. And J came home and loved it.  A win-win.   And I didn't spend a dime.  Well, any  additional dimes anyway. 

{Framed maps that I bought for a few dollars in two of the ports on our cruise)

{Pillows that I re-covered with cloth napkins I found for $1}

{Garden decor I found at the end of the season for $7}

{A Christmas present that one of my (incredibly talented) best friends made me}

{Most of the books were bought for 50 cents at Goodwill}

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Happy Mom said...

That was a fab post about a working marriage relationship!

Good marriages are so beautiful!

Things' Mommy said...

Wow, thanks Happy Mom! I hadn't considered it that kind of a post at all, but I guess it was. :) Yes, good marriages ARE so beautiful!

wright said...

Oh, my talented friend....looks great!

mandy said...

Love, love, love it. Can't wait 'til I can afford to have you spend your inspiration on my house! I'm especially glad that your husband has trained you well to deal with mine in that area! :)