Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I {heart} the Dentist

Part of me dreads taking my kids to the dentist.  It's like some parenting tribunal.  Somehow your kids' oral hygiene translates into the quality of love and parenting with which you provide your offspring. The dentist looks deep into your eyes, "And do they floss...every day?"  Of course you'd love to respond that you brush, lovingly floss and flouridate each one of their chompers morning and night.  The truth is that, just maybe, occasionally, you yell up the stairs for them to get ready for bed and hope for the best, just sometimes.  I've heard.  After a bit, the hygenists call you to the back and the dentist pokes around in their mouths murmuring about tooth numbers and millimeters. "Mmm-hmm.  Mmm-hmm.  Hmmm."  Was that a good mmm-hmm?  There's a fair bit of pressure.

However, aside from all that, I love taking my kids to the dentist.  I kid you not, we have the best pediatric dentist.  My little circus and I show up at the office, which looks like a really expensive hotel lobby.  Ellen, the receptionist, greets us serenely and offers us drinks--small bottles of water for the kids, coffee, tea, or bottles of chilled Perrier for the grown ups.  I sit, the kids play in the corner with big blocks.  Smiling, well-groomed hygenists float out (a little Stepford Wife-ish) to explain what the visit holds and take the kids (also smiling and holding hands) to the back.  I sit with Sweetie, sipping water and skimming through People and Martha Stewart Living, texting my sisters, kissing my baby. 

Then comes the nerve racking part (re-read the first paragraph).

Then my kids take off their sunglasses, get their token for the toy tower, pick out stickers to put in the 'treat bags' that the hygenists have hand decorated and colored for each child (Buddy's was Elmo, above).  They give Sweetie a little pink toothbrush for her cute gums, rave about what lovely children I have, give us huge smiles and thank us for coming.  Then small woodland creatures walk us to our van.

To be honest, it's a little surreal.  But that, friends, is why I love going to the dentist.

PS:  No cavities.  I think that means I passed. :)

5 love notes:

HangerMom said...

My jaw was on the floor through most of my reading that. I want YOUR dentist! I like mine, and the kids like him. But yours sounds so. much. better!

Can I have a token for the toy tower?

Orsolya Nance said...

Way to go Momma! Unfortunately Lutza got her first cavity ... so I did not pass. Ouchy ... but more ouchy for her!

Amy said...

I have a really great dentist, but I might have to share some of these ideas with him. Do you think Terra will like it if Greg wants to start serving Perrier to his patients' moms?

Happy Mom said...

You nailed the guitly mom feelings when they start asking those flossing questions!!

Megs said...

First off, why don't I have your cell phone number so we can be texting :) Second, Blake loves the dentist. Watching movies, treat bags and a fun play area. What's not to love I wish my appointments were that fun. Glad it was a success.