Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

So last Friday was Crazy Hair Day at school.  Unfortunately, I forgot until we walked onto the school grounds and saw all the green, blue, and red hair all around me.  I dragged the littles back home to grab a brush, some hair elastics and blue hair spray and headed back to call Girlie out of class.  Sometimes you just have to interrupt education for the greater good.  We crazied up her hair and both felt much better about the day.   It actually looked really, really cute.  This picture was taken after a whole day of playing, so it just looks crazy-crazy and not Crazy Hair crazy.  But, it was inspiration for the evening's "Family Crazy Hair Night".

Apparently, Crazy Hair Night meant that you must make the rest of you look crazy also.

More crazies.

We had a pizza party and played Xbox Kinect all night--River Rush and dance battles.  Somehow Sammy beat Daddy and Girlie out-boogied Mommy.  Guess we're just not very good dancers. :)  Even Little Buddy got into it, and it was hilarious to see his little body jumping up and down like Gumby.

You can't tell, but the boys both had faux-hawks that we're sprayed with some ineffective blue hair coloring.

Even the wee one got in on the crazy action.  Her first product. :)

No, I didn't do my hair.  I totally should have, but by the time I'd gotten through all that crazy was time to make pizza.  And J...well...I guess I could have spray painted his scalp...

Fun, fun, fun crazy night.  Did I mention I'm crazy about these crazy kids?

2 love notes:

Jamie and Lauren said...

His scalp! Haha. Just so you know that made me laugh really hard. Jamie didn't find it as funny as I did... I wonder why.

dave&hannah said...

HAHA oh my gosh! That is totally cute and awesome! What a cool mom :) I DIED laughing when I saw A-bug! SHE LOOKED AWESOME. The innocent wide eyes totally added to the "electro" look hair.