Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sometimes words are worth a thousand words, too.

One of the best things about my kids is the notes I find all over the place.  They love to write things--conversations they overhear, lists of rules for their 'clubs', name tags, books, scripts for plays.  It's really delightful to see what they've got going on in their minds, as well as really funny spelling. 

One time they were playing hospital and brought me a doll to examine.  They have some old medical forms from my dad that they like to play with, and they handed me the doll's medical chart.  She suffered from anxiety attacks, meningitis, and chronic constipation.  Apparently.

And if pictures are worth a thousand words, then these pictures of words are surely priceless.  They tell you that:

we've been drinking the kool-aid,

Sammy is resigning from trash duty ("Dirty l job l is l over l for l [Sammy]"),

Girlie's got a future in event planning and advertising,

and Sammy still believes. 
(He was very concerned Santa wouldn't know 'we're not going to be here for Christmas')

4 love notes:

Amy said...

You're right. Worth a thousand words. Or is it worth a thousand pictures?

Orsolya Nance said...

Priceless is right!!! You have the smartest, funniest kiddos around.

Aubrey said...

Your kids are so adorable and creative! Funny sign about Google. Mark interviewed with them before he took the job with Microsoft, then Google emailed Mark a few weeks ago to see if he was still interested in a job. It was flattering but Mark got to say, thanks, but no thanks. Go Microsoft! Miss you guys!

Jessica said...

Your kids are just as clever as you! Love it. Sure wish I could have chatted with you more last night. Although it is always good to see your smiling face!