Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec. 2, 2010

Today was a bad mommy morning, which was unfortunate for all involved.  No sleep, baby fussing, Buddy screaming during his diaper change because he's had some wicked diaper rash and I would totally scream too if I were him, Girlie was dressed head to toe in solid RED (boots included), and about the 80th time Sammy whined, "But I reaaaaalllly want to wear this {summer} shirt to preschool {in 39 degree weather}!" I snapped and hollered--hollered--"NO, okay???"

He burst into tears.

I felt awful.

It was all me, and I knew it.  I should be able to keep it all together, but I can't sometimes.  Wracked with Mommy Guilt I apologized and hugged him.  He was still sad.  I think it cheered him up on the way to school when he and Girlie came up with the brilliant plan to buy a litter of puppies to wake them up in the morning instead of me.  And also when they read in a book flap that the author now "worked in New York City as a tutor." (Wait for it...)  Talk about hysterical laughter.  Even I snickered a little.

The holidays are so busy, and hard as I try to simplify, I think basic life maintenance requires so much that anything extra (like having friends over Sat) creates a bit of a crunch.  Bless his heart, J (the man who has programmed himself into my phone as "Lova Lova") tried to help me out by buying the "2 hours, 2 house cleaners" groupon.  When they didn't show up yesterday, as planned, I realized that it probably wasn't going to work out (long story) and the whole "clean the house" bit was tossed carelessly back onto my To Do list.

I had a few things to get for Saturday so I ran to Costco, which we all know is the best place to drop $200 without meaning to on oversized stuff that you probably didn't need.  I passed by the pink Barbie convertible (the driveable kind) on display and wondered if I could fit in it and what J would say if I showed up with it.  I'm sure I'd be the talk of the neighborhood, buzzing around in my shiny pink wheels.  I think I'd feel pretty carefree with the wind blowing through my ponytail, which I could use right now. 

When I got home from Costco, both of my babies were asleep.  So I put away the cold food, grabbed my laptop and climbed back into the van to wait the 1/2 hour before preschool pickup.  So here I am blogging.  In about two minutes I'm going to take off.  Wish me a better mommy day.  I think I'm going to need it.

(1:32 p.m.  After I picked up Sam Sam from preschool, he came home and threw up.  A lot.  So, I spent half an hour cleaning up vomit--and trying not to myself.  Awesome.)

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Jessica said...

Oh, I am sorry! But you sounded so sweet and happy on the phone this morning, so you still had such composure. I have lots of bad mommy mornings. And afternoons. And evenings. And sometimes I don't even feel guilty about it. So you are doing MUCH better than me. You are a GREAT mom! And I don't even care if your house is clean on Saturday.

wright said...

Hope tomorrow is better--I had to smile at the cleaning up throw up part--we moms are amazing right? That we can actually clean it up w/o throwing up!

Aubrey said...

Oh, those days are so hard. I hope Sam Sam learns how to use a throw up bucket soon, and I hope he feels better soon. Grace threw up all over her bed in the middle of the night the other night, and I'm so spoiled because Mark handled it completely. I hope you have a better day tomorrow and I hope the house cleaning thing works out. Maybe J should arrange for someone to come weekly :) That's when I'll know I've arrived, when someone comes weekly to clean my bathrooms and floors. Till then, they don't get cleaned as often as I should, and that's okay. There are more important things to do. Keep trying to simplify, and things will get better, especially as the baby gets older. Good luck, love you!

The Cook Fam said...

So sorry for you that you had to deal with puke after preschool. But I do just have to say that if it had happened during preschool he would not have been the only one puking. Hope both you guys have a better day tomorrow! Love you!

Amy said...

What a day... although I can't say anything bad about girlie wearing red head to toe. I might try it myself. Just need to buy the boots;) I'm feeling for you. I hate cleaning up puke. It makes me feel sick for at least a good day. I hate even more watching the kids puke. Thus, if David is home he gets the puking kid, I clean up the room. Oops, I feel kind of pukey just thinking about it.

My "5"ever Family said...

BLESS your heart!!!

Brent & Sarah's Zoo said...

I totally sympathize! Every day I pray that I won't lose my patience with my kids, and every day it is such a struggle! I think each day is a bad mommy day for me at times, but a good mommy day, too. At the end of the day, I just have to focus on the good things that happened that day; otherwise I'd be a wreck (but I give myself permission to be a wreck sometimes, too).

Things' Mommy said...

Aww, I have the nicest friends. Thanks, ladies, for your kind words. Here's to the good mommy moments!!