Saturday, November 13, 2010

Next Stop: Project Runway

So I think I've got a little seamstress on my hands.  Today we started Mommy-Girlie sewing lessons.  She made a fleece scarf for her teacher's Christmas gift and this is how it went down.

She picked out three colors of fleece that she thought Mrs. Carter would like.

I helped her cut them into 6" wide lengths (we used 60" fleece) and she laid them carefully on top of each other.

Then she sewed a very straight, very long, very s-l-o-w seam down the middle.

Lovin' her new skills!

Then she cut the fleece into a thick fringe. (We took turns on this part--cutting three layers of fleece makes little hands tired).  She did this on each side.

The finished scarf!  I was so proud of her.  She loved making it, and I think her teacher will love being so stylish this winter!

7 love notes:

Karen said...

Girlie, you've got serious mad sewing skills! You're positively amazing! (I secretly wish I was your teacher so I could spoiled with your presence...and your presents!)

Jessica said...

Can I take sewing lessons with her? :) I have only sewn a few things in my life but I really want to learn more!

HangerMom said...

That is a brilliantly simple sewing project! I'm definitely going to have to copy this - my oldest LOVES to hand sew, and is desperate for a shot at my machine, so this sounds perfect. And adorable!

kim said...

That is so sweet!

Happy Mom said...

That is adorable!! What a good mommie!

My "5"ever Family said...

What a great, simple project to start with! I've been overly intimidated with the idea of teaching my girls to sew. This looks like a great place to start. they all tried their hand at finger knitting this weekend.

Amy said...

Cute scarf. I'm almost convinced I could do it, too. Way to go, Girlie!