Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Halloweenies

We went to Carleton Farm pumpkin patch for preschool.  Lucky us, it was a sunny day.  Fall is, by far, the showiest of all the seasons here.  The colors burst from the trees, and render you speechless for just a moment while you absorb all the beauty.

Sweetie has the most beautiful blue eyes!

Begin Star Wars Halloween 2010:

Master Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi.  Some serious light saber action.

The Force is strong with them. The second trick or treating (the first was the church trunk or treat and carnival) at Microsoft.  All kinds of spookiness and gaiety.  They really go all out for Halloween at Microsoft.  Plus, they're all kind of techy nerdy types here (she said affectionately), so everyone totally got the Star Wars theme.  We heard lots of "Classic!" and "Epic!" comments. :)

My Princess Leia (some hard core buns that were lovingly crafted by Wild Man and I)

Okay, seriously!  Tell me this is the cutest Ewok you've ever seen!

Couldn't leave well enough alone.  Had to also dress Sweetie up in the chick costume I never used with Buddy.

 Meet our jack o' lanterns:  Jack and O' Lantern.

7 love notes:

Anonymous said...

Love the star wars. WE still dress up like this. Cute pumpkins too.

Jamie and Lauren said...

Ha!!! I LOVE it! Those pictures gave me a big smile. Sweetie is getting so big! Good job on the costumes this year... I loved the family theme

Aubrey said...

So, so adorable! I love the Star Wars costumes, you are way too creative! I'm sure you were the hit of Microsoft's Halloween festivities (and they prefer the term "geeks", to "nerds", I believe). But I prefer to call my geek a "genius" :) One of these years I'll have to coordinate the kids' costumes. Check out my family's blog to see my kids costumes. I hope you guys are doing well. I wish I could visit to see the fall colors, if only it was about 6 hours closer to here. It's pretty here too, especially the sunsets. Have a great week!

wright said...

Yes, the cutest Ewok ever! Halloween is so fun w/ kids isn't it?! Miss ya!

Sarah Ringer said...

Love it! I wish I could've gotten a better view of Girlie's Princess Leah buns--those things were SERIOUS! LOVE that little Ewok of yours, sweet, sweet baby...

Ashley said...

the "themed" star wars is SO cute!!! oh my goodness, i'm dying!

Gina said...

GREAT costumes! Love them all!