Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Complete randomness, fall pics, and a big event.

I love acorns.  Totally love them.  And I forgot how much I love them until recently, when we went hunting for them as part of a co-op preschool project.  I mean, seriously, look at how cute they are!!  The delicious brown color, the textures, the HATS!!  For goodness sakes, the HATS!!  Kind of makes you want to paint little faces on them and keep them for pets.  Which is sort of what we did.

I also did this with the acorns.  Still cute, and no painting of faces required.

I hauled the kids over to a spacious field by the Seattle Times for a good romp in the fall leaves, something I consider a requirement for childhood autumns.

Yes, I know my kid is losing his drawers.  Look how happy he is about it, though.

Even Sweetie was fully on board with the leaf thing.

Yes, my 2-yr old is covered in mud.  Because that's what he likes to do.  And while, in this picture he appears to not like it, he really does.  He's sad that I made him take a break from it so I could photographically capture what fun he was having.

I want to eat this baby.  I can't love her enough sometimes, and I just want to eat her.  She is so delicious and delightful, so chubby and soft, and smells so heavenly.  Can't get enough of her.

Speaking of 33, that's my age now.  I'm okay with it.  Probably because it's not a milestone year (like 30) and because I can still claim "early 30's".  Because "early" implies young, which 33 is, clearly.  It also sounds like "early", which I am rarely, so I feel a little more punctual than I really am.  It was a splendid birthday filled with sweet friends who spoiled me, a family who makes me feel like a big deal, and a bunch of obligatory facebook shoutouts.

In lieu of hot chocolate this year, I'm replacing my traditional drink with caramel apple cider from Starbucks and vanilla steamers.  If you haven't tried should.  Then you should figure out how to make them at home for a fraction of the cost.  Then you should share your secret recipe with me.

My kids make me laugh--really belly laugh--every day.  I don't know if every mom thinks their kids are so stinkin' hilarious, but I hope so.  I need to write down more of what they say because, man, their material is golden.  My mom still laughs at me.  That's the great thing about families.  They make you feel really funny, even if maybe you're not.  Oh, and they love you despite you.  That too.

The Big Event.
Monday November 8, 2010:  I wasn't tired.  DID YOU HEAR ME?  For the first time in years, or at least--very literally--14 pre-pregnancy months ago I wasn't tired.  We rolled Sweetie's bassinet{very lovingly} into the playroom for the night.  And she SLEPT.  And so did I.  All. night. long.  In the morning when I woke up (due to a rested body and not an alarm/crying child) I blinked a couple times. I'm...not...tired.  OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, I'M NOT TIRED!!!!!  Cue crazy-energetic version of me.  I redid the mantel, rehung the dining room window panels, finished decorating for fall (I only recently made my peace that summer is over), switched out family room window treatments for their winter counterparts, covered up the patio chairs for the season, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen.  I bounded around the house, sprinted up the stairs, danced around the kitchen. 

I felt like me again. I remembered me!  Me was fun!  I miss me.

This was a b-i-g deal for me.

Today was different.  My sleep was interrupted 6 times last night.  I'm back to yawning and winding my way through the bouncy seat, walker, baby gym, car seat, and swing that 'decorate' my floor.  But now I have a shining beacon of hope that someday, just maybe, Me will be back.

10 love notes:

Lea said...

First of all, your family is adorable, beautiful, sweet and scrumptious!!! Love the fall pictures and HELLO!, you are my twin, Starbucks apple cider and vanilla steamers, love them both...I thought you were going to share the recipe. Happy belated birthday and oh man, congratulations on the sleep. My youngest is 3 and I was up more times than I can count last night, exhausting, why is this still happening at 3?, argh!

Happy Mom said...

Reading that post was so fun!!! Almost like sitting at book club with you chatting away!

Here's to many more not tired day!

Sarah Ringer said...

Oh I love your sweet, sweet family and can't wait to see you guys in about a month!! And I heart acorns too--they remind me of autumns as a kid walking home from Whittier :)

Miss Mim said...

Melynie, we say you are funny, because you ARE! I was laughing hysterically about the HATS, and everything else. Love you!

Jessica said...

I love the losing his drawers picture because that is what Logan looks like 99% of the time. We never find pants that are as thin-waist-ed as they are long :)

I am so happy for your non-tired day and may many more be coming your way!

Jessica said...

ps. forgot to say...Starbucks caramel apple spice. Add that to the list of reasons we are friends. I LOVE THAT STUFF! My mom turned me on to it a couple of years ago and I am always so excited to drink it up in the fall :) Good thing we are not lacking for Starbucks locations around here!

Amy said...

2 years and a few months later I am still waiting to not feel tired. I don't know what "not tired" feels like anymore. I'm so happy you can get a taste of it, so maybe you can describe it for me.

I love your posts almost as much as I love you.

Gina said...

Great post! Loved the fall leaf photos of the children. So beautiful! So happy!

I really liked that note about your night of rest and day of productivity! What a blessing to see that glimse of your rested self! SOON!!!!!!!!1

Gina said...


wright said...

Loved your big event!! And yes, 33 is SO young still! I totally agree with you on the Vanilla steamers--my sis in law introduced them to me and I LOVE them too!