Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daddy Bloggers

It occured to me that, hilariously enough, blogging provides yet another platform for women to express themselves. As women, we feel an instinctive need to communicate--the good, the bad, the ugly. We need to be heard--as if expressing our thoughts somehow validates us as women, mothers, people.

Men, on the other hand, don't seem to share this need. Don't take me wrong, there are men bloggers--funny ones!--and plenty of men anxious to get stuff off their chest. But there doesn't seem to be a deep need for close friends to share everything with. Generally, they seem to be better at internalizing things and dissovling concerns within. They can somehow 'process' without a whole bunch of other men on the phone or in busy groups chatting and each man giving his opinion or sharing what similar thing happened to someone he knows.

The "mommy blogger" phenomenon is quite interesting if you look closely. But, now imagine "daddy bloggers."

"Went to work again today. It was so embarassing--Jared had the same shirt on. That white button up shirt that I got at Costco on Saturday. I was just mortified. I knew I should have worn the blue one."

"Nate and I went golfing on Saturday at {insert fancy golf place}. The dude forgot that it was a 'collared shirt only' course, so he had to shell out mega bucks for an overpriced polo in the pro shop. I shot a {insert good golf score}, which was okay I guess. I need to golf more often."

"I'm losing more hair. I'm afraid it's making me look old. I stared at myself in the mirror for a while this morning. Maybe I should try some of that special shampoo. I wonder if it works. Probably not."

"Dave came over for the big game. Couldn't believe that {insert player's name} missed that pass! Then when the {insert team name} won because of that {insert amazing play}, despite that ref's bad call {insert bad call}--that rocked! Dave brought some tasty dip. I should ask for that recipe."

All of the daddy blogger posts would be very short. There would be nothing that would make anyone cry. There would be no comments because any other man who actually took time to read what his guy friend had going on, still wouldn't bother to tell him that he saw him at work and totally didn't notice the matchy-matchy shirts, to give him a tip on a great sale on polo shirts, to make him feel better about his hair, or to share his grandma's secret dip recipe.

Men have feelings too. They just, apparently, don't feel the need to post those feelings online for the world to see.

Man, I'm glad I'm a woman.

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HangerMom said...

Your "daddy blog posts" are cracking me up. So true!

Although oddly enough, someone shared a post from an actual "daddy blogger" with me for the first time ever this week, and it was lengthy and made me cry. But I'm going to say this guy is a bit of an anomaly.

Happy Mom said...

I'm with you sister!

The thought of men blogging like we do is simply funny!

The Cook Fam said...

LOVE your new pics!!! So adorable! Who did them and where?? You all look fantastic!

Allison said...

As always, you bring a smile to my face and brighten my day!

Things' Mommy said...

Shelley, we went to Bothell Landing Park and Jessica took our pictures. I was so glad to get 'family pictures' checked off my list!

Things' Mommy said...

I took the pics of my kids, on the sidebar, also at Bothell Landing.

Amy said...

David SO does not get the need for a blog. Or Facebook. In fact, he has been known to say on more than one occasion, "Mark my words: the world will regret Facebook," like he's some kind of prophet. David might actually have a lot of interesting things to say but his need for privacy will prevent the world from ever reading them.

wright said...

Okay, you MUST enter a mommy blog contest--you would win FOR SURE!! Thanks for all of the smiles!

Ashley said...

this is to funny! love it