Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new theme song

When J and I got married, our "song" was "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole. Loved that tune. Whenever we heard it we'd look at each other and smile with a romantic twinkle in our eyes. Our tune has changed. Now, it's the circus theme. It's playing in my head at this moment, in fact. When things get hairy, we look at each other and sing it, now with a sort of crazed glint in our eyes.

I wish J would have been there to sing it with me on Saturday when I went to the grocery store with ALL FOUR KIDS. ...and I swore we'd be chewing on food storage wheat before I did this...

J is out of town. Church luncheon on Sunday, Sammy's birthday (=light saber cake) on Monday. No babysitters available.

Albertson's, ready or not, here we come.

All five of us, in the car, in the parking lot, to the store.
Sweetie in the cart basket, Buddy in the seat.
No room for food in the cart.
Cute boy scouts at the entry asking for food donations.
Check prices of fruit and veggie trays for luncheon. I'll get those last.
Run through the store. Weekly ads, shopping list, and boy scout list in hand.
Ho-hos, black licorice and ice cream cones for the light saber cake.
Pasta and cereal for the boy scouts.
Ooooh, Honey Nut Cheerios are on sale. Must buy 10 for the discount.
Everyone carry a box, please.
Sweetie starts crying.
Sammy is explaining his cake to the worker.
I'm glad, so they don't think I'm just feeding my kids this junk for fun.
Crying is louder. Buddy's trying to grab things off the shelf.
Check out.
Hand off food to the scouts.
Let the kids ride bikes to celebrate a mostly successful trip.


Forgot the fruit and veggie trays.

Back in the car.
Back in the store.
Carrying Sweetie in her seat. Holding Buddy's hand. Pushing the cart. Don't ask me how.
Boy scouts have had a shift change and are asking for more food. I explain, over the crying.
To the fruit and veggies.
Not enough. Shoot. Search some more.
Why are there 10 boxes of mushrooms in my cart?
Oh, Buddy! Stop!
Come back!!
Shhhhh,'s okay...
Load up with fruit and veggie trays.
Do you want me to leave without you?
To the self-check. No time to wait.
Buddy's now loading us up with 5-hour energy drinks.
Turn back for 1 sec.
Where did my cart go?
Girlie and Sammy are trading rides.
Give the Look.
Stop. Now.
Shhh, Sweetie, shhhh.
Why does it say "Wait for attendant"???
Grab all the hands, infant carriers, carts, and bags I can get my hands around.
Stink. I forgot my coupon.

Cue the circus theme.

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Happy Mom said...

Oh, that was just exactly as I remember it!! The ZOO of it all!!

Enjoy your new theme song!

Jessica said...

Oh, man! I am frazzled just reading it. Was I one of the unavailable babysitters? You know I am always willing...

I NEED to see the light saber cake. I will probably need to copy it as well!! :)

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Aubrey said...

You are very brave! I'm sorry I wasn't there to help out. It's my goal to never take the kids to the store by myself ever again, but I'm sure I'll probably have to some time. I hope you'll take pictures of the cake. Your kids are really lucky to have such a creative Mom. My kids only get to pick the design of cake that Costco is going to make for them :) Have a great week!

Becky said...

Thank you for scaring me and enlightening me as to what my life will be like with 4 kids. can we say "grocery delivery?"
Things are good...feeling better than I was over the summer and now enjoying the good part of pregnancy before I get huge and (even more) irritable.
LOve your blog!

wright said...

And I think 2 is crazy at Walmart! (;

jamie said...

i've resorted to bribing my children into obedience to avoid store craziness. it's just impossible to even think straight and manage to execute everything on the list. i'm impressed that you went back for the trays...i might have reasoned that it was just too hard and i'd have to figure something else out!

Bryner Family said...

Were you totally steaming and ready to scream at the end? If so, then I've had a very similar experience. :) You are so great, Melynie, and have such a gift for writing. I felt like I was watching you go through the whole experience. :) I need to go to the grocery store today but my little man has decided to take a going on 3 hour nap (he's been not sleeping well due to teething, so I guess he's catching up!) and the bus will be here all too soon and I just CAN'T face another grocery trip with 4 kids... :( We'll see if I can tough it out. Love ya!