Monday, August 30, 2010


I woke up the other morning thoroughly uninspired by the contents of my closet, like maybe I haven't been wearing enough fuschia or something. The answer? Retail therapy. I headed out (solo!) determined to infuse my wardrobe with new life.

I became a little disconcerted though, after finding that I found a lot of the clothes kind of hideous, and also that there was no one to cry or ask to buy things or tell me it's time to go. I started trying things on. I will tell you that I have 15 lbs of baby fat left. And that 15 lbs made me really sad as I tried to find any shreds of personal style I had left.

I decided that maybe I needed to be shopping for a new body instead of new clothes. Then I decided that a new body would probably be a lot more expensive. And painful. So I stuck to the new clothes.

Shirts that are gathered at the bottom do not do me any favors.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, I found some appropriately cute, semi-flattering clothes, even though some have ruffles, which are very cute this season, and to which J remarked "Ruffles?? You're killling me!"

Good thing he's not the one wearing them.

Speaking of 15 lbs, though... Sweetie is a fussy one. Cute, to be sure. Sweet, definitely. But fu-ssy. I blame her tummy. It growls all the time and gives her gas. So, I've tried Mylicon, Gripe Water, and altering my diet. And by 'altering my diet' I mean cutting out any foods that taste good. So far it's no spicy food, no gassy food, no chocolate, and no dairy--which is bad, because I love all those food groups. Except maybe 'gassy.' Holiday baking/cooking is looking dismal, my friends. It's making me grumpy to know that about the only treat I can have is Jolly Ranchers. Not so jolly. The silver lining in all of this is that those last, sticky 15 lbs should slide off easily with my water, fruit, and rice diet.

And then those new, ruffle-y clothes will fit really great.

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HangerMom said...

I have not the foggiest idea about this stuff so this could be no help at all, but a friend of mine started giving her baby a "probiotic" and it worked miracles. She went from crazy fussy to amazing, super-easy, self-entertaining baby. No joke. Way easier than giving up cheese, if it works. Let me know if you want more info and I'll find her blog post with all the details for you. Not to wreck your diet plan... :)

ps. When I read the title of your post my mind went immediately to potato chips. I blame my pregnancy.

Jessica said...

You look amazing to me. Serious. Not just saying that. I promise. I mean, I haven't seen your legs in a really short skirt in a while (heehee) but you look great.

I LOVE ruffles, and ps...WHY OH WHY didn't you call me to go kid-free shopping with you? I bet seeing me try on clothes would have made you a LOT happier.

Amy said...

I love ruffles. And lace. And bows. All of that stuff is good. And I know what you're saying-- shirts that are gathered on the bottom sound nice, look great on other people. But when I put them on I look like I'm trying to hide an elephant under my shirt. And nobody's fooled.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about fussy girl. It reminds me of your sweet boy that was one as well. Hopefully the saving grace will be the clothes, right?

wright said...

You are such a cute mom--in every way--with or with out ruffles (: You'll have to remind your little one for the rest of her life the sacrafices you made for her--no chocolate and dairy! You are one good mom!

The Cook Fam said...

I actually noticed your cute ruffly shirt on Sunday and never got the chance to tell you I liked it! You really are looking great! I'm sorry to hear Sweetie is still fussy! It can't last forever right?

Aubrey said...

There have been some recent medical studies on using Probiotics in fussy babies, it seems to really help. I'll email you the article. It might be worth asking her pediatrician about. Our pediatrician had us give Joy one capsule of Culturelle (broken open and put into her bottle) every day when she had diarrhea problems. I think you might not have to have so many diet restrictions if they're not making a big difference in the baby's fussiness. But it would be a good form of weight control. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you're as stylish as ever! Tell J "Hi!"

Gina said...

I hope the no-dairy bit helps. I am sorry it's been rough with her belly and losing the last few pounds at the same time. You are so sweet and wonderful. Be patient with yourself.

Hope you got the emails I sent with photos. It was so great to spend a little time with you last week.

Kate Nelson said...

My sister swears by probiotics (here is the website she gave I tried them with Quinton and they seemed to help a little (he's not that fussy - I was just hoping to be able to eat chocolate and Ice Cream again - Quinton has me on a very strict diet, as well. No luck on the chocolate or ice cream.)

I think you should know that your blog always inspires me. I think I have 52 unread blog posts in my reader (don't tell my sister), but I have read all of yours because you have such a great way of 'telling it like it is' and making me laugh. I always leave wanting to be a better person. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Perhaps someday I will be able to return the favor (and update my blog)!!

Things' Mommy said...

Okay, first, I love you, friends! I really do. I feel so lucky to have know such wonderful people. You all inspire and uplift me.

Yes, please send all your ideas about probiotics, etc my way. I'm going to check those out!

Kate, that was the sweetest thing you could have said about my blog. You amaze ME!

Staci, chips sound good right now and I'm not pregnant! :)

Jess, you're too kind, and we SHOULD go kid free shoppng together!

Amy, you're so tall and thin, I'm sure anything would look great on you!

Anonymous, are you my friend with four darling boys?

Jenn, you are about the cutest thing ever. How is Utah?

Shelley, thanks for all your tips!! Every little bit helps. And, yes, if nothing else she'll outgrow it eventually...

Aubs, I miss you! Thanks for sending the article. Squeeze your girls from us!

Gina, it was great to see you!! Good luck with your move. Thanks for your tips!

jamie said...

hooray for retail therapy! it really is necessary sometimes!

p.s. i'm with everyone else. you really do look fabulous. and the 15 pounds? are you serious? your baby's only a couple months old! give yourself some time, for goodness sake! but you're right, your new diet will probably help...

Things' Mommy said...

Aww, Jamie...I miss seeing you during our preschool time. We'll have to find another way to get together.