Thursday, August 12, 2010

It Could Have Been Rusty and Marcela

Seriously. Had it not been for our interfering grandmas, it would have been 'Rusty' and 'Marcela' celebrating a decade of love last Thursday, instead of J and me. Hard to believe, I know (both the names and the 10th anniversary). So for a little posting fun (and despite the fact that Rusty and Marcela sound way less attractive), I think I'll call everyone by the names that could have been. And talk in third person.

To celebrate their anniversay (and the 81 degree heat wave), Rusty and Marcela spent the day on the beach at Jetty Island. I LOVE this picture of Rusty (as much for the fact that I can see he adores our kids that he's smiling at as the fact that I still find him totally hot). He's my lover, my main squeeze, my BFF. I adore this man, way more than the day that Rocky and Marcela got married. He makes me laugh every day, lightens my load, and is the most fun I've ever had with anyone, ever. In our time together, there's been nine addresses, three degrees, four states, bought three homes, four cars, two TVs (that's right, we JUST got our second replace our nine year old 19 incher), and four darling kids.

Speaking of kids...

Rusty and Marcela had three kids--Lauren (or Luke), Nicholas (or Eva), and Miller (or Eden).

Then they had another, Alexandra (there was no boy name for her). She slept through Jetty Island. Rusty and Marcela were glad. She's kind of a fussy little one.

Lauren and Miller cuddled under a sun umbrella as we tried to trick Miller into napping.

I taught Nicholas the finer points of sandcastle building. There's a better picture of this activity, but it includes me, in a swimsuit. At seven weeks postpartum, I thought it best not to post. It's what Marcela would have wanted.

Nicholas and Lauren hauled a big piece of driftwood into the salty water for a boat. What creative children Marcela and Rusty have!

I'm not sure how Marcela got this magical picture where it appears we had the beach to ourselves--it was packed!! It was so cute, Miller went and snuggled up to Rusty's back because he was so chilly. It was, after all, only an 81 degree heat wave.

Marcela will never be able to get the sand out of this white swimsuit. It's now permanently embedded in the fabric. Marcela is a little sad because she adores this swimsuit, but, oh, well--the day was completely worth it.

Nicholas loved the ferry ride over to the island.
Miller wandered off just a few feet from us, but got confused with all the people and burst into tears. Other than that, he loved splashing in the water and throwing sand. Rusty and Marcela couldn't think of a better way to spend celebrating their marriage than spending the day with the small additions they'd made over the years.

But they had to do something romantic, right? How about a little Applebee's take out over candles and sparkling apple juice while rocking the baby? What can I say? Alexandra's got them on a short leash. Happy Anniversary!

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HangerMom said...

I love this post, Marcela. I almost think you should just call all your kids the could-have-been names for your blog, but then those of us who never get to see you might get confused about their real names :). Nicknames make it easier to keep straight.

Congratulations on 10 years and a whole lot of accomplishments!! Isn't it amazing to see where you've come in that time? I know it shocks the heck out of me every time I look around myself.

Jessica said...

You guys are just such an awesome couple/family. Happy Anniversary!

Aubrey said...

I love this post! Your anniversary looks like it was very fun! The kids look great. I'm sorry the baby's a little fussy. We should talk sometime. Our little Joy has had 3 ear infections in 5 weeks and seems to be allergic to sleeping. :) We like to celebrate our anniversaries with our kids too, it's just fun to celebrate how our family has grown. I really miss you guys. We'll have to talk soon.

kim said...

I hope you did have a happy anniversary! We thought about you guys on that day and wished we could say it in person!! We are celebrating ours this weekend. We are shipping the little ones off the Grandma Taylor's for a night! I almost don't know what to do with the quiet. My littlest man has slept through the night every night this week so hopefully a sleepover at grandmas will work out. We celebrated our 6th. I think on your 6th we were having lobster together. Fun times!! We miss you guys!! Congrats!

Gina said...

Great story. Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating the same landmark next week. 10 years! Holy COW!

Amy said...

Okay, you two should have totally been Marcela & Rusty! Those names are just funnier than your real ones!

Bryner Family said...

Great post Mel. We were almost Anita and Steven. :) Your kiddos are so cute! Glad you had a fun anniversary. We never do anything big for ours but I'm hoping we'll get to go on a cruise for our 15th. Only 3 more years! :)

dave&hannah said...

How sweet!! What a funny post. I loved the names everyone had... however, there is one correction. Mom says Marcela was going to be spelled with two l's :)

Happy Mom said...

Aww! Congrats, girl! I'm back in the blogger world and will read everyone of your posts!

(Did you know that you are one of my very favorite bloggers?)

I'm assuming that one will introduce me to your beautiful new daughter! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...