Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Mom

My mom is back in Kansas now, but she spent last week here in Seattle running my life for me. And by running my life I mean, doing all the things I wish I could do, but simultaneously and better. She could fix dinner and take care of the resulting dishes, sweep, keep the laundry done-folded-and-put-away, all while burping the baby and reading to my kids... whom she took to the library... where they were signed up for the summer reading program.

New Baby Week #1--Bliss, peace, cooperation, love.
New Baby Week #2--Unravelling just a little. Sleepless nights are taking their toll. And why, oh, why is J just lying there, pretending to sleep?? I know he's awake.
New Baby Week #3--Just make it until Mom comes, just make it until Mom comes, just make it...

I like to think of myself as moderately competent, but adding a baby to the mix tips the scales just a wee bit. We're happy and utterly in love, but it takes all we've got to keep the show going. (Although, I think I had the same thoughts with the arrival of each of my kids). If this gives you any idea, I just now realized that my clock has gotten slower and slower and is now 17 minutes behind. How is one in such a complete time warp that one doesn't realize one's clock is 17 minutes slow???

Mom somehow seems to come and wave a magic wand of peace and order. I could almost see the clothes dancing themselves into the closet and on to hangers. It's inspiring, and probably the reason she was able to successfully raise seven children, while I remain quite satisfied with four. The kids were thrilled with having someone who had endless patience to sit through a week long show-and-tell, home movies, and detailed retellings of 'Madagascar'. Never mind the ability she had to pull endless surprises out of her carry on, trips to the park, IKEA, and the solo shopping I was able to do (can I just say--an hour at Hancock Fabric by myself?? Boo-ya. Scratch the 'boo-ya'. It's been awhile since I mixed with normal society and J tells me I can't--and shouldn't--pull off a 'boo-ya'. Apparently I'm not the boo-ya sort.).

Hours after she arrived, we went to church and had Sweetie's baby blessing. Mom helped me put finishing touches on her dress and make the headband. Her dress turned out a lovely alternative to the $189 one I fell in love with online. She felt differently, apparently.

Come on, honey. This is for posterity. And the scrapbook.

This is more how I thought it would go. I caught this shot in between sniffles after J swooped in to be her hero and rescue her from the madwoman with the itchy dress and big camera.

My darling friend Mandy (whom, apparently, many of you know from her Little Birdie Secrets blog) taught me how to make the rosettes for the front (below) and made the center fabric rosette for the headband (above).

We felt so lucky that Mom was here for that special day--it was a beautiful blessing. Thanks, Mom, for everything. You're amazing and it was a fabulous week. And the offer still stands if you want to move in.

4 love notes:

Aubrey said...

I'm so glad your Mom was able to come and rescue you! Moms are the best! It was so good to see your post and your beautiful baby and your beautiful blessing dress. I'm sorry she didn't like to have her picture taken in her dress. Maybe you could dress her up again and take more pictures later. It's hard after church because the babies are usually tired and hungry. Grace is trying to eat her hand in most of her blessing dress pictures. When is J going out of town? Do you have help? You could come here for a week while he goes. That would be a blast! We miss you guys! I'll call you soon.

Sarahkitty said...

Just got the baby announcement-- she is perfect! I am so happy for you and incredibly amazed that you are able to pull off blogging at this stage. Good for you!

Amy said...

Well, then, your mother's mad skills explains your abilities. I just hate it that there are now 2 of you out there making me look like quite the incompetent...

Happy Mom said...

That dress is simply precious! I want to be your mom someday and rescue my daughters when they're swamped with the new little one!