Saturday, June 26, 2010

Newborn Daze

I went to the park yesterday. No J. Just me and my FOUR kids. It was playgroup, and it seemed a good thing to get out. All of my sweet friends seemed to have the same burning questions for me--"Are you crazy? Why are you here? Why aren't you at home--sleeping??"

Good questions, I thought. The answers are "Just a little bit. Not entirely sure. And, Because I've got four kids."

Then someone asked me what I'd been doing that week, since J has gone back to work. I had to blink a few times before admitting that I had absolutely no recollection of anything this week. None (which explains why emails and voicemails sail through my head and continue full speed out the other side...sorry to anyone who's gone unanswered). Call me Oatmeal Brain.

[It actually reminds me of when Buddy was born--do you see how easily distracted I am?--and I was so brain-dead exhausted, but I was determined to hit a 15 hour sale at this grocery store--what I won't do for awesome sales on chocolate chips, right? I dragged all (only!) three kids for what turned into two hours of shopping, because everything was hard to find and not clearly marked. When the cashier totalled up my bill, it was three times what I was expecting. Exhausted, I showed her the ad with the prices. She looked at me and said, "Ma'am, that's for the grocery store across the street." I almost burst into tears. Instead, I walked over to the customer service counter and said politely "Excuse me, I need to return everything I just bought." Then I headed over to the right grocery store.] So anyway, I came home from the park and sat down to try to think of what has gone on this week. Here's what I came up with.

I've taken 369 pictures of my baby. I was lamenting to J that this newborn time goes so fast. I have been LOVING, LOVING, LOVING it, and I want to just bottle up this moment so I can uncork it and re-live the bliss of snuggling Sweetie. He told me that I could just use all my pictures as a flip book and actually watch her grow. It's kind of true.

We've been having mini fashion shows. Because, I mean, seriously...

We've been eating really delicious food. I am not EVEN kidding, I have the cutest, sweetest friends in the world--truly. And lately, they've been bringing scrumptious food to my house. And darling gifts. And occasionally taking my older kids away to the park and Dairy Queen, which has been heaven on earth for them. Did I mention I LOVE my friends?

I'm still sitting on the inflatable 'donut' they gave me at the hospital. I don't actually need it anymore, but I'm not going to say no to a little more comfort at the dining table. It's just good fun.

A good deal of dark hours are spent trying to sleep. Semi successfully. Sweetie has, for the past four nights, actually slept through the night. She will eat in her sleep, because, well, the 'dairy' would explode if she didn't. We co-sleep, though. Not really by choice, but because Sweetie sleeps better that way...and so J sleeps better. And I figure that two out of three ain't bad.

I've spent a lot of time making sure the five of us at home exist peacefully. There was, of course, the Battle of Cleaning the Playroom, but besides that we've been okay. I've been loving this tiny, new addition. I hold her whenever possible, kiss her tiny face and hands, and smell her sweet scent. It is pure Bliss. (So heavenly, in fact, that it even crossed my mind that maybe we should have another one, just so this isn't our last baby phase. J told me 'No dice, lady.') It is such a wonderful feeling to look around and know that these four kiddos are all mine. Forever.
P.S. Today is my due date. I feel I got a bonus two weeks! Here is Sweetie, 21 hours old!

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Amy said...

Hey, I want one of those! I LOVE the last photo of you & J smiling at each other. Pure bliss.

I wish you wouldn't talk too much about that postpartum zombie phase; you may spook me & prevent me from having any more:) So, was it Schnucks or Shop N Save you went to first??

Gina said...

You are so great, Melynie! Such a great perspective and I am so glad you are enjoying your bundle of sweetness. She really is perfect.

Please tell me who took the photos. I'm so impressed with how tender they all turned out. Beautiful moments.

Things' Mommy said...

Ha ha, Amy, it was Schnucks, but it was the one down at N. I MEANT to go to Dierbergs! Also, the zombie thing isn't so bad--it lets you savor the moment (since you can't really think of any other moments...). I am LOVING the newborn stage, really and truly.

Gina, you're so sweet. We really are just loving it. I am so happy.

The photos are from the hospital. They have a contract with Bella Baby photography, so they come and do the photo shoot in your hospital room. It costs a bundle more than the 'baby mug shots', but the photos are priceless! I've never had good photos with my babies (since I'm usually behind the camera). I was tickled pink. :)

Jessica said...

OH SO SWEET!! Now I am sad I missed playgroup because that means I missed you. And reading your post makes me feel sad that I haven't been one of the friends to take your older kids away...hopefully you still love me.

I love your way with words. I wish I could have described my feelings of newborn-dom as beautifully. Because it was exactly how I felt, all the things you are mentioning. Enjoy it!! You blink one day and then they are this huge thing like Grayson :)

Aubrey said...

So, so sweet! It's such a magical time! Such beautiful pictures! I'm so glad I got to see her before we left. I miss you guys tons. Things are crazy busy here, but I'll try to call soon. I'm loving the mixer, thanks so much!

wright said...

What a sweet post! And I am so impressed that you have posted!! So glad you are enjoying these moments!

Orsolya Nance said...

Aww ... You are the most inspirational writer. It has been wonderful to watch your family grow from 5 to 6 and get a snapshot of your precious life with 4 children. You are amazing and so blessed!!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Congrats my luff. She is just beautiful. Enjoy many beauty pagents to come. You're family is just beautiful and that new addition is the sweetest!!!