Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I lost my brain.

It's turquoise, with a cute, swirly design and stylized birdies on it. Have you seen it? I really need it, because I have things going on this week that I should know about. Like doctor's appointments. I just know it. Yes, I realize I have another 'brain' inside my skull, but I mostly use that one for a mediocre backup these days. I'm also aware that my time here could be better utilized actually searching for my planner, but the extra 30 lbs hanging off my front says 'No, just take a load off and whine about it instead.'

My girl is getting big enough now that I watch her for entertainment. Every night she has a dance party, which doesn't bode well for a mama who would still get 10 hours of sleep a night if she could. My whole belly will shift and you can see little baby body parts make their way across my abdomen. It is so cool and very weird. Feeling the baby move is amazing, right up there with eating whatever you want. The two best things about pregnancy.

I have 7 1/2 weeks left. That's enough time that I think 'Oh, I've got time' and little enough time that I think 'Shoot, I need to get my rear in gear--I don't even have binkies!' There are a million cute little things (and big room makeovers) that need to be done around my house. I'm too tired to do most of it, but I am still good at pointing effectively and saying, 'Darling, could you please...' I'll find a Saturday in the near future and hit up the baby store for all the goodies. I've got the cutest, sweetest friends in the world, who have given me some of the most adorable clothes and accessories imaginable and it makes me UBER-excited to meet this little miss. And play dress up with her. :)

On the flip side, there is a twinge of bittersweetness knowing that Little Buddy's days as Baby are numbered. There's always something about my littlest one being ousted that makes me...miss... them for some weird reason. I'm trying my best to get in the extra snuggles and kisses, as much as an almost-two year old will tolerate anyway.

And, why not? As far as I know, I've got all the time in the world...
...hope I find my brain soon...

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Jessica said...

If you want I can be your back-up to your back-up brain and you can call me anytime you want me to write something for you on my planner. I can make a Melynie section.

I can't wait to meet her too. Can I come over for fashion shows?

Things' Mommy said...

LOL. You're a true friend, Jess. I just love you!

Aubrey said...

I bet your littlest has taken your brain and put it somewhere extra special. Two-year-olds love to do that kind of thing. When our oldest was about that age, we couldn't find Mark's keys anywhere. Then I remembered our little one had been very interested in the kitchen garbage can that day. We had already taken the trash out to the curb to be collected, but we went out and started lifting up bags and shaking them, and sure enough, one of them had keys in it. I hope you find it.
Good luck with your preparations for your little one, make sure you leave a couple spare weeks in case she comes a little early. She's going to be adorable!

Happy Mom said...

Oh, the fog of pregnancy, I remember it well ('cuz it feels just like the fog of being 45!)

Hope you find your planner!!!

So excited for you!! --nuthin' like a newborn!

Wright said...

She's almost here--that's exciting! Good luck in finding your planner. I can totally relate to the feelings you are having when your little one soon becomes not the baby--I remember that w/ K so clearly!