Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Two Year Old

Let me introduce you to my homeboy. He's my Little Buddy. And he's two now.

Don't you know me at all by now? Of course we didn't get a dog. We only 'borrowed' one from my friend for the evening. I couldn't think of anything that would delight my little maniac more than playing with a puppy, and since buying one was not a viable option, we did this instead.

We feasted on puppy cupcakes. I don't think he even noticed that it was store bought icing. Yes, that's just how tired I am nowadays.

He is like a quirky little cartoon character. Sort of like a miniature Calvin (think Calvin and Hobbes). He even has a 40% body/97% head ratio going on. He likes to yell, and makes an astoundingly large amount of noise for someone who has only a handful of words.

Great loves: his siblings, dogs (animals of any sort, really), climbing, wrestling, being outside.

It irks him: socks that are not pulled tight on his feet, any blanket besides his white or fishy one, meat.

Things I love about him: he says 'mama' in his sleep, his chubby-armed hugs, he 'pays' me in puckery kisses, how he rubs my belly softly and says 'baby', when he takes off running around half naked and laughing hysterically, when he cuddles up to read books (even if it's the same book, seven times in a row).

How he celebrated: 1--learned to open doors

2--started replying 'no' to requests (not an angry 'no', but more of a 'well, I thought about it and I just don't think that it's going to work out' kind of 'no')

3--thinks he's big enough to go down stairs like a big boy.

Man, I love this kid. Happy birthday, little man!

8 love notes:

Laura F said...

I can't believe he's two!!! He's adorable, and although I didn't think you got a dog, I was amazed at how realistic that stuffed animal was. :-) The puppy cupcakes are adorable!

Amy R said...

Happy Birthday little man! What a fun idea-- borrowing a puppy. Benjamin would love that.

Happy Mom said...

I LOVE that you borrowed a dog!

Calvin and Hobbes is a family fav around here! Do continue to tell us of his escapades!

Jessica said...

Wow, he's not the baby anymore!! Happy Birthday!

wright said...

Wow--he's so big and so cute! Happy bday little guy!

the3girls said...

Absolutely adorable Melynie! I love the cupcakes, you talented little girl you... love & miss you!

Sarah Ringer said...

Awwww, happy birthday sweet little Buddy! I just love my darling little nephew! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all. Brooklyn misses his waving at her while she eats lunch in his high chair!

Kelli Estes said...

Awwww, that's so sweet! Happy belated birthday to your little guy. He may be two, but I bet the minute his little sister arrives, he's going to seem so old to you!