Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've got good news and bad news

It's really cute. Every day I pick Girlie up from school and she says, "Do you want to hear the exciting news or the bad news first?" I always ask for the good news. She tells me, then she'll say, "There's actually no bad news."

My parents came to visit us for a week--the first time since we've moved here (thanks to the 50 or so family weddings that happened in our first 1 1/2 years here). We lived in Vancouver, British Columbia for three years when I was young, so we all headed three hours north to our old stomping grounds.

Good news: We got to visit my old first grade school.

Bad news: While we were there, Little Buddy smacked his forehead on some bricks, and the gash required stitches. We spent the afternoon in the ER. Facial lacerations on my kids and foreign medicine=two of my biggest fears.

Bad news: Clearly, this trip was not turning out as I planned. I don't look amused, going on three hours in the waiting room.

Good news: At least I got pictures.

Bad news: Our medical detour cost almost $900.

Good news: This happened before the healthcare overhaul, and our insurance covered it all.

Good news: We got to see alot. Along with Gastown (my kids snickered at that name) and Chinatown, we saw

Granville Island

My wonderful parents

Good news: Since we had others with us, we actually got pictures of our whole family!

Totem poles at Stanley Park

And another one.

With my dad (looking at Olympics stuff across the harbor) my brother.

Visited a salmon hatchery

Queen Elizabeth Park. Beautiful gardens, fountains.

Stopped to visit Deception Pass (Washington) on our way back to Seattle.

Bad news: As soon as we got back, we realized Sammy had a fever.

More bad news: It hit 104 and lasted a week. And ended up being tonsilitis and an ear infection. And we didn't get to do any Seattle fun with my family because I had to nurse "Sickie and Stitch", as J nicknamed them.
Good news: We still had lots of fun in the evenings and at least we got to see them.

More good news: It's been long enough now that it's not quite so painful to talk about.

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Aura said...

Oh goodness that gash! But good news....look at that cute belly :) Congratulations on your little girl, I've been rooting for team pink.

Karen said...

I hate to say it, but he's pretty cute with that gash!

Devin & Anisa said...

As always, when you do something you do it bIG! So glad to hear that all are healing and that you were able to have that time with your family.

Jessica said...

I am glad to see the pictures that went with the story :) And I am glad there were some fun moments. Glad we could catch up today. Maybe one of these days we will really get together :)

Happy Mom said...

What a trip! The good and the bad.

So fun to see you prego!

Keep smiling girl!

Sarah Ringer said...

I love that you can count on Josh to inject some humor into an otherwise bummer situation (Sickie and Stitch)! So fun to see you pregnant! Just think, I'll get to see you pregnant for REAL in just a few weeks! And Little Buddy looks so old, I honestly hardly recognized him! It's going to be so fun to spend time with you guys in Seattle!

Wright said...

Oh Melynie...You'll always have the pics to remember both the good and bad! Glad you got to see your fam!

Cory Elvidge said...

wow, that is quite the trip... I think you're good for a while :)