Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today I very optimistically bought a bunch of seeds. Optimistic on two levels: 1--I expect amazing produce to spring from these seeds, and 2--I expect that when our late May/June planting season arrives that I will not be too huge and exhausted to get down in the dirt and plant some. And then weed. And water. And harvest.

The guy at the cash register smiled and said, "You're baby's comin' soon, huh?"
I smiled and shrugged, "...kind of."
"April?" he guessed.
"June, actually."
"Whoa!! Big baby."

Okay, seriously.

I shrugged again and smiled congenially. "I don't know what to say to that."
"No, I mean...healthy. Yeah, healthy. That's good!"

I don't know if it is 'good' that people think I'm due next month. In any case, there's nothing I can do about it. At my doctor's appointment a month ago, I was told to 'keep an eye on' my weight, since it was about a 10 lb gain. I can tell you where that 10 lbs went--straight to my tush. I get booty when I'm pregnant, and still can't figure out how to deal with it, short of duct taping myself together back there. I've come very close.

This is the thing, though. I don't really mind now. You see, this is my (presumably) last child. This will be the last time in my life that I can eat what I want and not give it another thought. I'm going to be watching my food intake for the rest of my life. So, forgive me, I'm going to enjoy every minute. This whole eating business is one of the best parts of pregnancy. A couple days ago I took Sammy our for a frosty as a reward for something. As we sat in Wendy's, I realized that I needed fast food. Now. Needed it. And not some salad or grilled chicken sandwich, or anything else that I could pretend was quasi-healthy. Like, give me a double cheeseburger and fries. Arby's curly fries, to be exact. It took every ounce of my will power (and the thought that the next day would be 'weigh-in'--a.k.a. doctor's visit) to walk out empty handed and drive straight home.

At my appointment I tried to beat the nurse to the scale, so I could position myself in optimal weigh-in stance--leaning back just a little on my heels to make myself 1/2 a pound lighter, like I practiced on my scale at home. Unfortunately for me, the doctor's scale was just a little smarter than my home version. Fortunately, though, I gained only two pounds last month, despite the fact that the only difference in my eating was that I ran out of Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream. I rewarded myself by visiting the Arby's drive-thru on the way home.

I've decided my body lies in the hands of fate. While pregnant, it will just do what it wants to, leaving me to worry about things that I can control. Like these (imagine me circling my unruly, neglected eyebrows).

Otherwise, I feel fantastic. As in, 2-hour-hikes fantastic. I'm enjoying this Just-a-Little-Tired stage between Sick and Huge. And so, since I'm in the market, any guilty pleasure foods you recommend? I've got three months.

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Wright said...

And enjoy those 3 months!! My fav while pregnant was peanut butter sandwiches w/ lots of honey and a good ol' glass of milk--2%!

Amy R said...

Ooh, please eat some nutella for me. A whole jar, if you don't mind.

Happy Mom said...

I sympathize with the whole being big thing. I remember ticking off, one by one, as they had their babies, the women in my ward who were due before me that I was bigger than.

My vote: cookie dough!

kim said...

Hey- I love the story. i don't know if i have commented on here yet but Emily gave me your blog address a few weeks ago and i am so excited to see what you guys are up to. I love the story of the belly. I am having a little boy next Friday and I am having people ask me if I am pregnant. Hello... Yes, next week. I carry my kids in my back i guess. I don't know which I would rather have.... The incredible back pain or looking like I am ready to have a baby before it is time. What do you think. Anyway. We miss you guys and are happy to see you doing well. If you want to see what we are up to you can check out our blog at I know not a smart name since I have to change it when the baby's born or just leave him out of the fun!!! Talk to you soon.

Cory Elvidge said...

Lol, Melynie it feels like it has been an eternity since I've had a spare second to even THINK about getting online. Tonight is the first time in months and I thought I would check out all the blogs of people I care about, who take so much time to update them. I got a good chuckle when I read yours, thanks! :) If it helps at all, my midwife (at my visit last week) weighed me in and started writing it down and stopped mid-jot to say to herself, "Is that right?!?!" and re-check the scale lol. Sometimes you want to smack healthcare professionals... they should know better! :) In any case, it only ever-so-slightly made me hesitate before ultimately purchasing anyways, my 5th bag of mini cadbury eggs this season. :) If you haven't had them... take full advantage! They only come out at Easter!! :) xo

annie said...

oh my goodness i love this post! i am exactly the same way. i gained the same amount of weight with both my pregnancies. twins the first time and one baby the next. the first time i could at least respond the i was having twins, but the second time i was just irritated by the silly comments people make. they think it is okay to say that "the baby is so big!" when we now WE are the ones that are big! and we don't care!

i ate many peanut butter, chocolate chip, and marshmallow sandwiches when i was pregnant with drew. butter the outside and fry it like a grill cheese. delicious. haven't had one since! can't wait to be pregnant again!