Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Life and Death of A Dirt Eater

"I found a worm today", she said.

"Cool!" (not cool, actually, but I'm trying not to pass on my irrational fear of worms--or sleeping under ceiling fans--to my children).

"I found a worm at recess, and I think that it was the mother, or the brother or sister of the daddy worm that Lexi squashed when we were worm hunting at recess on Monday."

I remembered the sad fate that the 'daddy' worm had suffered at the hands of Lexi's boot that day.

" I put it in my backpack," she was saying, "but I left it unzipped a little so he had some air."

"What??" I looked into the rear view mirror to verify the awful truth. She reached into the winking Tinkerbell backpack pocket and tenderly took out a thick, dirty worm, along with a big leaf, included to make "Sammy" the worm feel more at home.

I tried to explain how worms really like it outside in the wild--clearly, that's the reason they choose to live there, instead of indoors or in a backpack. But the sweet, excited look on her face, coupled with the fact that it's highly unlikely that a real pet will ever see the interior of my home, made me drop the issue.

We went for a walk as soon as we got home, and the whole time she planned a 'worm habitat' for Sammy. She chatted about using her dollhouse furniture initially, but worm germs on the Lovin' Family dollhouse is where I draw the line. I suggested he might be more comfortable in leaves and dirt. She switched to designs for worm beds, chairs, jammies, toothbrushes and flossers all from leaves, sticks, and goodly amounts of hot glue.

It was a sweet life that lay before Sammy. Being pampered as no worm in history had before. Which is why it was sad that as soon as we got home and Girlie started on the worm habitat, that she discovered that the hardship of being dropped a few dozen times on the walk had taken their natural course, and Sammy was no longer 'with' us.

Poor Sammy. Girlie cheerfully assured us that we'd see him in heaven, and she could probably make the worm jammies then. Thus ended the life of Sammy the worm. He was a good pet. For both hours.

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Aura said...

HA! How cute. I loved worms when I was little. I have so many memories that involve them. You should surprise her with a worm house this Spring! They're really neat. Here's a picture of one: Worm House. I had one for ants and I LOVED it, it could actually teach her a lot, and it's not like you have to clean them like a fishtank!

Amy R said...

I used to adore worms when I was a little girl. I cried really hard the day one broke in half in my hands. Later my mom got me a stuffed worm as a replacement.

Devin & Anisa said...

That was a tender loving experience and you handled it great. I'm totally still smiling as I hear sweet Girlie's voice.

Laura F said...

So now I need to know if the worm is alive or dead already in that picture... Izzie loves worms, too, and we've "lost" many due to neglect as the dirt in the mason jar dries up. I usually feel it my obligation to quickly dump them back into the dirt as soon as she's distracted with something else. Worm care is more difficult than I'd imagined, which goes to show again why we don't have a dog. :-)

Bryner Family said...

Ha ha! Love it. I wish I could interest my kids in a pet worm but alas we're deciding between a dog or a cat.

Aubrey said...

You are such a great writer! Thanks for the hilarious posts! Girlie is so sweet! You were very tolerant of her new pet. I'm sure she'll find a new pet soon. Good luck!

Hannah K. said...

oh my gosh. Their little hearts are yearning for something small and tiny to care for. Remember how much joy Pebs was? I'd just get them a dog. And I seriously think that was so cute and wonderful of Meg! She's a sweetheart!

Things' Mommy said...

Aura, love the worm house. That looks like my kind of pet.

Amy, I like your mom's thinking.

Anisa, I miss you, and I love when you comment so I know you're still there.

Laura, I have been trying to figure that out. It grosses me out too much to think that my girl is holding a dead worm, we're going to say he is alive and kicking at this point.

Brandi, you have my condolences.

Aubs, don't worry. 'Pet snail' season is coming up.

Hannah, Pebs was the best dog in the world. So, why even try to replace him?? :)

Happy Mom said...

You make me happy!!!

I love that you can take the normal day to day experiences of being a mom, see the humor in them and then type them up so that we can enjoy them too.

You need to move back to the midwest!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Ok, kudos to you for handling that so lovingly. After the what?? I think I would have stopped the car, and thrown the whole backpack out. And then washed my hands :)

But I do have 2 boys who love to dig for and play with any sort of bug, and one who will be big enough to join them faster than I I guess I better learn to accept it!

Miss Mim said...

I just laughed so hard my sandwich just about came out my nose.
And I read the entire thing to my roommates, which they thoroughly enjoyed, almost as much as me.