Monday, October 12, 2009

The apple, the tree, something about falling...

Do you know what I find really funny? The way that parents influence their young children. Not so much morally, socially, or educationally, but more, in a sense,...professionally. For instance, we have a friend who is an osteopathic surgeon. As we were hanging out, their 3 year old was hovering around the adult conversation. "Go play," they urged, "go get your human body puzzle." Another friend is an accountant. Their preschooler sets up play offices and computers for fun.

That's the same reason that my kids know words like 'armoire' and 'ottoman' and 'taupe' and 'window treatment.' Also the same reason that they don't blink when J asks them to please "Confirm that you've gone potty before we go." They also request 'progress payments' from him instead of 'treats'. And the reason I heard this conversation. The kids had set up a "book fair" in our living room.

Kids: Hi! We're having a book fair. Do you want to buy something?
J: You're having a book fair, huh? Okay, I'll buy a book. How much does this one cost?
Girlie: Nothing. You can have it for free.
Sammy (at the same time): Forty-five dollars.
J: What? How can you make any money if you are selling your books for free?
Kids: I don't know. Do you want a book?
J: I'm having a difficult time understanding your cost structure.
Kids: (silence)
J: Is this a Ponzi scheme?
Kids: A what? What is that?
J: I just don't understand how your business can be profitable if you are giving away your services and merchandise for free. Are you subsidized by the government?
Kids: Um, yes. We just have book fairs and you can have stuff for free.
J: So let me get this straight. You are subsidized by the government, so you have free book fairs--and you just sustain a loss with every transaction?
Kids (after I whispered in their ears): We're Socialists.

I'm just sayin', this isn't something you consider when you're picking your major.

PS: In case you're wondering what my husband does for a living, I'm not entirely sure. Sure, he has "Finance Manager" on his emails from Microsoft, but I'm not clear on what that actually means, except that he deals with very large budgets and can produce a pretty mean spreadsheet.

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Sarah Ringer said...

I love it. Maybe one day we'll hear Brooklyn sharing information about her "Base Metabolic Rate" or the "deep developmental grooves" in her teeth :)

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Way to train them Luff. Start young. I'm in the middle right now of trying to convince the boys to all do dentistry together, start up a profitable practice and take care of me when I'm older.

Hannah K said...

haha I just died laughing the the library. That is such a funny conversation. These blogs are by far my favorite! How FUNNY! I wish I could be there for this!

Cory Elvidge said...


Amy R said...

Classic! And I can SO relate. By the way, I'm so proud our family has now been mentioned on your blog. We're big time now.

Tasha said...

This is hilarious. I suppose with Jeff and I both doing healthcare, our kids really won't be well-rounded... Oh, and I loved the pictures of fall decor--I'm going to the store as soon as I can spare some time!

Happy Mom said...

Love it! My kids can recite a few scripture mastery verses from three years on. It's all about the profession!

MissMim said...

I was silently crying from laughing so hard in my room, and my roommates are giving me weird looks. That was the funniest thing I've seen all week!

Wright said...

thanks for the smiles (: I wish I could be a fly on your wall sometimes!

Jessica said...

Thanks for making me always :)