Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Peer Pressure Got to Me

She sighed. Another friend requesting pictures of her new house. She rubbed her temples and thought of the craziness that was her house right now. While, yes, she was indeed thrilled with her new house, it was not quite the home that everyone was imagining. There were varying states of disarray and 'unpackedness' throughout the place.

"Sheesh. I haven't been here three weeks yet! I hope everyone understands that. Managing three kids, school stuff, life stuff (licensing, vehicle registration, setting up utilities, trying to sort out all the stuff that should have been sorted through/gotten rid of in St. Louis)...I'm busy!! I still have boxes everywhere, pictures are not all hung, no window treatments, chaos reigns supreme here!" she thought.

"Maybe I can just hold off on pictures until everything is the way I want it. They would understand."

But the truth was, they wouldn't understand. Because it would be years from now that she would be sending pictures of a house that was, finally, just the way she wanted. She pursed her lips. Did she dare just take pictures of the chaotic house, just to get people off her back? Was she that daring?

She took a big breath, and clicked "publish post."

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