Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If You Don't Like Cheesy, Don't Read This

Can I just throw this out there? There is SUNSHINE in my soul today. I am so, inexplicably happy. So it's rainy today? First, what's new? And second, it's just getting things ready for a really beautiful summer. Thirdly, the cloudiness doesn't dampen my spirits, it just makes me want to take a nap. And who doesn't love naps? Does it matter that Sammy knocked over a display at the grocery store while jumping, Dukes-of-Hazard-style into the race car cart at Albertson's? No, it just makes for a funny story. And, enough said, I got the equivalent of 48 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper for $5.00. Score.

This day, for whatever reason, is terrific!!! That's right, people, THREE exclamation marks. I have been seriously considering chopping my hair (now that I am away from my darling St. Louis friends, most of whom have some version of the haircut I want), but for today, I am working this high ponytail. And, as if the traffic system somehow got wind of my great mood, all the traffic lights have been green for me today. Or at least I've eeked under the yellow light. Whatever.

I swear my baby is even cuter than yesterday. Also, Sammy is being so obedient, it's eerie. What a fun word--eerie. Kind of pretty, don't you think?

So, I am sending vibes of cheerfulness into the blog-universe. For those people sickened by the excess of happiness, I'm sorry. Wait, no, I'm NOT sorry. You could use a shot of sunshine yourself, my friend.

6 love notes:

EmmyMo said...

I love cheesiness! I have had a great day too! Thanks for sharing your sunshine!

Amy R said...

Whatever virus you've got.. send it my way. Even if I had an equally wonderful day I wouldn't recognize it; I'm a big grump these days.

Bryner Family said...

That's exactly how I felt yesterday! Today is another story... but thanks for the shot of happiness! :)

Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you had a good day. Things are coming together for you guys, it must feel great! I'm glad Sammy is being obedient. We've decided that Grace has now remembered that she is two. She has been throwing terrible tantrums several times a day for the last couple days. I'm sure it will pass soon. Keep having a great day and week. I hope we can get together in the next couple of days.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

You are a ray of sunshine. I am so lucky to be able to read your poetry

Liam's Mom said...

This is why I love you! Thanks for this post. You are just a bright spot even on the days I know you've had it rough. Thanks for your positivity and whimsy. You are the best!

5 bucks for 48 rolls?! How did you do that? Don't tell me they double coupon up there.