Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Have a Purple Door

I'm back, after a lengthy Christmas break/blogcation. It was fabulous, and I will blog about it soon. This post is not about Christmas, however.

Someday, J and I are going to have a really funny conversation that starts something like this:

"Hey, remember 2008?"

"Oh yeah, that was that crazy year where we bought a minivan without seeing it, and then moved to Seattle and bought a house without seeing it, wasn't it?"

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, we bought a house. A lovely home, from the pictures emailed to us by Adam, our realtor. One of the 80 pictures (still under construction) he sent us is posted above. I actually had gone through this home before, but spent only 2 minutes, tops, glancing around at the drywall and sawdust that it was back then. I was interested in another home in the new subdivision.

Then, as we were blessed to sell our St. Louis home, I suddenly saw this home in a new light. I'm convinced that divine light was shed on the plat map I had, and I realized it was the very best fit we'd found yet. The beautiful neighborhood, new home, in our price range, biggest backyard on the street (still about the size of your average sofa, but on the flip side--it will only take about 2 minutes to mow, seriously), close to Girlie's bilingual school. Still without laying eyes on this place again, our realtor brought over a contract the morning that we left for Christmas. After a series of emails and faxes, we'd soon purchased a home.

Here's the floorplan, should you wish to peek: The Chesapeake Floorplan

We feel so very, very blessed. It was like there was sunshine again. Anyway, the first thing we did yesterday when we got back to Seattle was go to see the home we'd bought. And to my surprise, I had a purple door.
(PS: The door in the picture is a temp one. I'll get a picture of the purple one later.)

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Bryner Family said...

Yay! I love buying a new house (especially once the old one has sold!). I couldn't make the picture big enough to actually notice that the door was purple but sounds fun to me. It looks beautiful under that blanket of snow. We loved building our first house in Fort Worth but building new wasn't a viable option when we moved here, so we found a nice, older home and love the big yard, mature trees, and kind of crazy floor plan. :) Buying a house is just fun no matter what! :) I'm bummed that my vacation didn't coincide with yours in Kansas but my family told me you all looked great and happy, so that's good! Best wishes in your new home! When do you move in?

Laura F said...

Congratulations on the new house!!! Doors can be repainted, but I love your floorplan - we've been looking at homes nearer Saint Louis than our last place, which means 50-100 years old mostly, and checking your floorplan gives me the bug to buy new all over again. I guess we'll see. Happy Holidays!

The Wrights said...

You piqued my interest on your house when we talked--I love it!! So cute!!! It was great to talk w/ you!

Aubrey said...

Can you email me more pictures? Or I guess I could just wait a few weeks and see it in person, but I'm very excited to see it! I'm sorry you won't be right around the corner anymore, but we'll still see each other lots. I'm so glad you finally get to settle in here. You've been a trooper!

Chelsea said...

Very nice! Sorry we missed you over Christmas. I guess I can trash the key since there is no looking back now! Keep us posted.

Lea said...

It was great to see you too, love the house, looks beautiful


Devin & Anisa said...

I'm so excited for you!! The house looks like a great size and the bedrooms are on a different floor. I think that's the best. So sorry we missed you while you came through here. Life, hmmmm

Holly said...

It was fun seeing you over Christmas. The house looks fabulous!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL home my luff! I am so happy for you and to sell the other one is just icing on the top. I love you!