Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I failed to mention

What I failed to mention about our first Seattle adventure, was that we came back from Pike Place Market only to be greeted by a parking ticket. Apparently they like to hide one parking "kiosk" per block behind some trees and stick it to you when you are new and have no idea that the idiots charge for parking on weekends.

I thought I would share my letter contesting this, which resulted in my fine being cut in half.

Feel free to copy it should this same thing happen to you in Seattle.


Your Honor,

First, I do admit that I made a mistake. But, I honestly didn't know I was in violation at the time. I had just moved here. In fact, it was my first weekend here and I was still in a rental car. We were out exploring Pike Place Market, which was fabulous. I moved here from St. Louis, where (if parking costs) we still have old fashioned parking meters at each parking space, which don't even require money on Saturdays or Sundays. I didn't see any meter or sign, and I was busy keeping my three very young children in tow. It was only when we ventured back to the car that I noticed a ticket and looked way down the street for any sign.

I did make an error, but considering that I had no idea about parking regulations in this area, I would sincerely appreciate any leniency the Court is willing to grant. I am excited to be in the beautiful Seattle area and would be very grateful for a gesture of goodwill.

Very truly yours,

Things' Mommy


Only, I signed my name. He or she is probably not a fan of my blog.
So, there you have it. Who knows? It might save you some money, too.

One other thing: I was not actually driving. J was. He insisted that I 'handle' this, as I am "better at handling 'this sort of thing'". Not entirely sure if I should be offended or flattered.

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Amy R said...

So, did it work?

Things' Mommy said...

Amy, it cut my fine in half. Like a 50% off sale, really. Also, thanks for not letting me feel forgotten. I truly appreciate it.

*twoserious* said...

Hey, I can't believe you're in Seattle! Are you in Seattle or around there somewhere? We're in Clarkston--the opposite side but now only 6 hours away. We usually make it the The Coast once a year. Hopefully we can match up! We're kind of on the way to UT....

Karen said...

That's my girl...way to get yourself out of that one. Miss you...and our rose-colored glasses-- which, come to think of it, would have come in very handy at my house this past week.