Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sam Sam the Clean Wild Man

Sammy likes to be clean. It's his new thing. Granted there are worse vices. Like the phase where he wanted to cut everything. But that's another story. It was first manifested when, carving pumpkins, he gazed for a moment at the pumpkin guts before a polite, “Can I have some gloves, please?” I laughed, and smugly thought, 'that's my boy.' It's morphed into an obsession, though. He'll ask to take a bath or shower at least twice daily, and believe me, it's funny to see a little 3-yr old showering by himself. Like a little tiny man. Baths are more common, though. He'll ask to fill up the tub “Very, very hot, please” and then he'll just lay on his back and float. Usually he covers his ears under water and shouts “HEY, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Then, like yesterday, when I am on the phone or something I'll catch a glimpse of a naked little bottom running into the laundry room (where the toys are kept) and then 30 seconds later, long foam pieces of the Cranium fort or big legos being joyfully toted to the bathroom. Interception. Yelling. Threats of draining the water. Happy playing.

When I deny him a bath, there is howling and gnashing of teeth. He's even gone so far as to have a potty accident on purpose. It used to be a direct ticket to a nice warm bath, but I caught on quickly. I'm no dummy. I made him just scrub off with Little Red's wipes, amidst loud protests of, “NO! I WANT TO BE CLEAN! THIS MAKES ME NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOU!!” (Apparently, he's not impressed with much these days). He also likes to wash his hands for a really, really long time. By the time he's done, the rest of the bathroom is clean/soaked too.

On the flip side of this fiasco, I can now use phrases like, “Come on, buddy. If you get this mess all cleaned up, I'll let you take a bath” and “Boys who make good choices get to play in the bath!” Gotta love when you can use good personal hygiene as a carrot.

5 love notes:

The Wrights said...

Aren't clean boys so fun?! I'm laughing about this--K is not quite that clean, but he's close!

Amy R said...

Wow, I wish Michael would want to be clean so badly that he'd even shower. If only.

Devin & Anisa said...

I LOVE that boy!!! That just made me laugh.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

My Luff, you really have a way with words. My children too, are not always "impressed" with me, but that's not what parenting is about right? I love the fact that he is SO matter of fact! Kids at this age are just so bloody honest and just to the point. There's no need to mish mash words, just OUT WITH IT! Cute post luff, cute.

Hannah James said...

Hilary and I just decided we wanted to kiss him.. alot.