Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, just to keep it interesting, thought I'd go ahead and expose myself (only in written word). BUT, in order to read this, you have to promise to comment and confess something yourself.

10. I like to skinny dip, but haven't in quite a while.

9. I have been known to spray whipped cream directly into my mouth. It's true.

8. I am afraid of sleeping under ceiling fans, for fear that they'll crash down in the middle of the night and shred me.

7. I used to own a water bra. I think I still have it somewhere.

6. Sammy has a mirrored door on his big closet. I dance in front of it almost daily.

5. At BYU, one of my best roommates and I made a volcano (you know the kind, with baking soda and vinegar in a big salt dough mountain) in the middle of the sidewalk, in the middle of the night. And left it there.

4. I have been 'snacking' on cashews and white chocolate chips lately. I'm pretty sure those foods were not meant for snacking on.

3. Sometimes when I cook for someone/something and it doesn't quite turn out, I laugh and blame J. (Like his barbequeing skills could really account for the way my soy powder-packed hamburgers turned out)

2. When my oldest two are acting up, I have occasionally whispered to Little Red that he is my favorite. I'm pretty sure he won't tell.

...and humiliating enough,

1. I was runner up for Miss Teen Kansas. I'm just glad I don't have to actually face most of you after I write this. And Aubrey will love me anyway.

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Chelsea said...

I love it! I decided to play along too. It was hard knowing what to narrow it down to.

How are the kids? I miss you!

Amy R said...

SO. A beauty queen. Well, that explains all the poise and the smiling REALLY big even though you're crying. You know I love you anyway. But it's nice to have "something."

I can't think of any confessions right now. Not because there's nothing to tell-- we both know how untrue that is-- but because I'm just dead tired and can't think straight. I'll get back to you. Or just read my blog. There's one on there somewhere:0)

Aubrey said...

You're very sweet, I loved your confessions, and yes, I do love you anyway. I also have a fear of ceiling fans, but I'm getting over that because we have two in our new house, and we have to use them because A/C hasn't come to the rural state of Washington yet. As for more confessions, you've heard a lot of them and you're sure to hear more in the coming months and years. Thanks for being a great friend.
P.S. I'd also like to clarify to your readers that I was NOT the roommate who was your partner in crime at BYU :) (unless there is a law against consuming too many jelly bellies at one time).

The Wrights said...

I too LOVE skinny dipping (: Nice list--it's getting my mind thinking....

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I knew about the skinny dipping--it's funny you might know 3 others who enjoy that as well! Cartwheels and all! With RE: to the ceiling fan, you know Elm and I had that huge one over our bed growing up and I can't tell you the number of times I got my head caught in that thing--ok, so maybe jumping on the bed was not the smartest move, but it was a good bouncy bed! It never did much damage though and I love the mirror admission. The kids and I love to dance around the house. Anything J.T. and you've got a bunch of GROOVERS!!! Love reading those fun things about you Melynie. I sure love you!

Hannah James said...

You SASSY, SASSY girl! So many scandelous things! What you are leaving as a legacy for your siblings! What I have to live up to!!!!

Karen said...

My confession's easy--I'm the roommate.