Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, it's raining....again....

They are not kidding about the rain here in Seattle. Really, they're not. It has rained sometime during the day, every day, since we arrived. And may I point out a few things about the rain, and about Seattle life in general, so far.

First, among the other things not brought, or to arrive shortly--our umbrellas. Oh no, you might think. Whatever will you do? Not to fear. Umbrellas are apparently not needed here, despite the constant moisture. People walk around in the rain as if they're not being pelted by little droplets. Now, to be fair, they do walk a bit faster. But still no umbrella. Maybe living here long enough makes you impervious to the rain. I actually think I might get a few stares and odd looks if I were to use an umbrella. So, that's weird.

Next, the rain, while making me somewhat less energetic, makes me want to bake. Bread, cookies...anything delicious and warm, really. And since we are apparently in for 160 days of rain a year, the next time you see me I may be much, much bigger and trudge around in the rain...eating cookies...not very energetically.

Also, I could have saved quite a bit of cash in not shipping wardrobe items that were non-black or grey. I am not kidding. It's all people seem to wear here. Which actually makes me want to wear ORANGE, despite the fact that every bit of my skin tone begs me not to, just to freak people out. It's especially interesting, given the stark contrast between the drab clothing and incredible brilliance of the fall colors out here.

When we decided to move, our neighbor said, "I thought you guys didn't drink coffee." J said, "We don't." Said the neighbor, "Well, you're going to have to start if you're moving to Seattle, Starbuck's headquarters!" Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to start drinking coffee. I may, however, take a cue from the black-and-grey-wearing folks out here and use a disposable coffee cup as, not a drink, but an accessory. I am so not kidding, it's like "Okay, earrings, shoes, coordinating handbag, coffee cup. I'm good to go." Maybe it looks smart and sophisticated. Maybe it makes their hand feel important.

Anyway, I'm off for more Northwest adventures. Leslie (and any other Grey's fans), don't worry, I'm keeping my eye out for Derek Shepherd everywhere I go.

4 love notes:

Amy R said...

Maybe you should carry around a bottle of milk as your accessory. Start a new trend.

Damon said...

Well hello!! I am so excited to receive that link to your blog. Looks like you have a couple links on your site I need to check out, too. I'll be adding you to my blog list and send you a link to mine.

I was pretty interested in what you have to say about Washington, as my husband is also looking at a job lead in Washington -Spokane, actually.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Leslie said...

I still can't believe that you've moved and that I have to read about your life in Seattle on your blog!

Please send my love to Derek.

Karen said...

Thanks for the sweet note on my blog...I'll never forget our rose-colored glasses. I actually have that picture of us in my scrapbook right by the pics of my little brother.
I hope Seattle is happy for you. People who really love it there don't need umbrellas...they just love the rain. If you don't learn to love the rain you'll never to really love your new home...Just let go and get wet!