Sunday, October 12, 2008

So, how was your trip????

Fantastic, thanks for asking. Really, the plane ride couldn't have gone better (aside from the inevitable circus that we were getting through security). Thanks, mostly, to the kindness of patient strangers and Barbie doll-looking flight attendants. The kids did very well on the plane. Little Red just slept, aside from the couple blanket-less nursings he had (I had conveniently checked all the blankets and forgotten to pull a blanket out). On the plane we feasted on cashews, fruit snacks, gum, and cheese crackers. The string cheese which I bought that morning, specifically for the plane ride, is still in my fridge. At home. The same place the extra binkys are. As well as Girlie's backpack full of special things for the flight, Little Red's Halloween baby chick costume, my swimsuit, important documents, our home plans, the Seattle brochures I grabbed on our house-hunting trip, and a slew of other semi-important things. All things that are not here. Other things that are not here? Clothes. I am not kidding. I shipped all of our clothes earlier in the week, so we came with the clothes on our back. Last minute (read: 'almost forgotten') things made it into my plane luggage, so I've got plenty of clean socks, jammies and "under-things". Oh, and Riley's favorite outfit (the one I told you about, Amy): a hideous concoction of an 80's style mesh jersey, swimming trunks and light up snow boots. That made it here safely. Phew. Which brings me to my next dilemma. I am about to be a Sabbath breaker. I did, in all fairness, try my best to go get some church clothes at Target last night. But when you race in the door 5 minutes before closing time, they don't smile at you. I looked around as fast as I could, but didn't even find a shirt to go with the skirt I had in my hand, let alone clothes for all the kids. So I hung it back up and met J empty handed. Luckily, church doesn't start until 1. For a nanosecond, I considered just not going to church today. It seemed too inappropriate to attend in our stinky travel clothes and I didn't want to have to shop on Sunday. Then I thought of the faithful Saints in the Ensign who travel 5 hours on foot through jungles and dusty roads to get to church, and hung my head.

This is two hours later.

So, I bought Sunday clothes for my entire family. There. Judge me if you will.

In other news, let me tell you about our apartment. It smells. Strongly. Of curry. And, according to J, it is a million times better than it was before he spent a small fortune on air freshener. So, he put in a request that they (the apt. people) figure out something with this smell. When we got home from church, there was a note from them on our table that read "The smell I smell is curry." That's it. It was so funny. We've been quoting it all day. Anyway, our apartment is pretty big, three good-sized bedrooms and two baths. It's an older, updated apt. New flooring, cabinets, fresh paint, but I can still see the dark wood doors through a big chip in the new paint. The furniture is really nice, but even so, it reminds me of Pelican Cove apartments where J and I lived when we first moved to St. Louis, 6 1/2 years ago. It kind of makes it seem like the rest of our life has just been a dream--except now I can't figure out where these three kids came from.

Monday morning. I've GOT to publish this before it drags on any longer. Church was fine. Not as good looking as my old ward, but still friendly. : ) I crashed at 7:00 last night (in all fairness, it was 9:00 to my body). Okay, I'm out. My sweet St. Louis friends, I miss you. A lot.

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Amy R said...

SO glad we're better looking. We ARE rather a cute ward, aren't we?

Not judging the church clothes dilemma, since we would have just skipped church.

Anyway, we lived in an apartment building in Manchester. The WHOLE building smelled like curry. Stale curry. We lived there for a LONG time. I loved my Indian and Pakistani neighbors, but I could have lived without the curry.

I miss you! I'm finally officially IN primary and you're not here anymore!

JustusFam said...

SO, Chelsea told you about our day. But I do have to add to AMy's comment...Do you want to know what we did to her on her first offical day??? We stuck her in front of the primary room and had her help the kids with their parts! HA!! Good initiation I think!!

Chelsea said...

We are really going to miss you. I promise not to call your cell phone everytime I have a primary question. I guess that means I get to call Chris with primary questions and you just to say hi! (Remember Chris you did say yes!) HAHA

I am glad you made it safely. Keep in contact please!

Wright said...

Glad you made it--you are so brave to fly w/ your little ones by yourself! Hope your clothes make it soon!
Of course the whole ward missed you guys! Now,for next Sunday when the in-laws aren't here to help me w/ the boys & Jas is watching us from the stand....any helpful hints?! (:
Good luck w/ getting settled. We love you!

Laura F said...

Glad to hear you made it safely, although I hope you've been reunited with some of your stuff by now! :-) It's a darn good thing we get so excited for new adventures because I think if we knew what those first hundred miles could hold we'd never do it! Where is your apartment? Are you in Bellevue, Redmond, downtown? Any fun plans to get out for the weekend and away from the curry? Talk to you soon!