Sunday, October 26, 2008

In a Nutshell

I'm 31 tomorrow. Yep, the 27th is my birthday. Here is a snapshot of my life, at 31.

Josh likes work at Microsoft. I have yet to discover what he actually does for a job.

We had our Primary Program yesterday. Girlie did a smashing job with her part "My family helps me to grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus by reading the Book of Mormon and watching church movies."

My stove is possessed and has yet to turn out a really good meal. I'm not kidding. Anything relating to heat here is possessed, really. That includes the thermostat and the water in my shower.

Our walkway is perfumed with the dryer vents from the units above us. It smells wonderful.

Sam Sam the Wild Man has calmed down significantly since we moved here and potty trained himself. He's quite pleasant now. Except that he occasionally threatens to run away. We tell him to write when he finds work. He still loves his little brother just a little too hard. Oh, and he got croup on Wednesday and spent the night in the ER with J because he couldn't breathe. Very scary, but he's better, don't worry.

Little Red is rolling over, is so chubby, and very smiley. And forgot how to sleep. He just started rice cereal, which he loves. Josh tried to feed him a green bean yesterday without my noticing. He forgot he was dealing with Eagle Eye Mama.

My daughter refuses to let me pick out clothes anymore, very sad. She also reported that "Sawyer" in her class loves her and thinks she's cute. I about choked. Even worse, I saw them holding hands and running on the playground. Even worse than that, he has a sort of mohawk. When I told my sister, she laughed hysterically and said, "Your daughter is dating a ROCKER!!!" Apparently my girl is growing up and I haven't exactly figured out what to do about it. Ideas?

I can now find my way to the school, Target, Albertson's grocery store, the library, and church. Any place else is slightly impossible for me. Too many trees blocking my view.

We had our first school activity--a hoe down. It was great. I've never had more fun doing the Electric Slide than with Girlie and Sammy.

It is so beautiful here, it feels like I am on vacation.

I have significantly more white hair than I did even 5 years ago. Josh pointed that out to me in Sunday School. I told him my hair was just shiny.

All said, life is good. My family is healthy, happy, and together. That's what's important to me.

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Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

My LUFF!!! Happy belated birthday! I am soooo sorry that I missed it. I am glad that I have found your blog. Your children are just gorgeous. They take after you and maybe a bit of Josh. I hope you are doing well and I'll continue to check out your cute blog. Hugs and kisses to my fellow sunbather! XOXOXOX

Amy R said...

How funny. I was just writing about you on my blog and then I saw you had written about you, too. Happy birthday!

Amy R said...

Oh, yeah. NO, I have no advice on how to stop girlie from growing up. Just wanted to say how glad I am I don't have any girls yet.

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday! It was great talking to you today. We sure miss you guys.

The Wrights said...

Drats! I so remembered it was your bday like a week ago....Happy Happy bday! Hope you had a wonderful day. You absolutely deserve it!

Leslie said...

Happy belated birthday. And for the record, I'm still missing you and your little family. Thanks for finding McDreamy for me. I'm sad to report that I'm thinking that I have to find a new Dr. to drool over. I can't handle all of the immorality going down in his hospital. Why can't he just be cute and moral?

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Your daughter is dating a Rocker? That is really funny and I am sorry I laughed, but it is. What's worse, I don't have any advice for you. I am laughing AND I am no help! Shame on me!

Your post is so darling. I love how you explain something crappy in one line and let us only imagine the rest. Like Red not sleeping or the shiny hair bit. I love you, Mel!

McDonald Crew said...

Happy Belated birthday! It sounds like you are having fun. We sure missed you at the primary program. Some one told me to invest in microsoft stock u think i should! Keep in touch!