Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's been a while since I last posted. Clearly, we've been busy.

First, to my darling friends here in St. Louis, it's devastating to leave you. I love, love, love you and will miss you terribly. I cry almost every day just thinking about it. Our roots have become very deep here--you've seen us through the births of our three kids, we've laughed, we've cried, we've had annual Christmas parties. Ah, good times. We really, truly LOVE our life here, and it breaks my heart apart just a little to leave. On the upside, you can now throw "Yeah, my friends in Seattle..." around in your every day conversation. You now have a place to stay, should you be in the Pacific Northwest neighborhood. And, I'm only a blog away. Thank you so much, for everything.

My house looks very bare. Much barer than, I'm sure, you've ever seen it. We haven't packed or anything, just cleared away any excess so that it 'shows' better. My goal is to keep it "1/2 hour from perfect." It turns me into kind of a crazy lady. I gave away my last house plant today. It was really sad. They're kind of like extra children. Children that I frequently forget to feed and pay attention to. So, not really like children... Still.

We're very busy, desperately trying to keep our home clean enough to sell. October 11th is the tentative date that we'll arrive in Seattle, to our temp housing. Pray that our home sells quickly, because if this lady has to have a Christmas without her decorations... Sniff, sniff. I can only comfort myself with the knowledge that I'll have IKEA so close by, should I get desperate. Really, it won't take desperation for me to spend more than my share of time and money at IKEA. Really it would only take some sort of transportation.

Meals around our home are getting interesting. Trying to eat through our food storage, freezer, pantry. Can anyone really have too much spaghetti? Rules are getting interesting too. Gone are the days of half-hourly wardrobe switches by Girlie.

I know we'll love it. So much to do, so much to see, a phenomenally expensive cost of living (for this Midwest girl, anyway). So, if you're in the neighborhood, please come find us. We'll be the ones in the $400,000 shack.

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Amy R said...

I'm glad to have a couple of plants to remind me of you, only I hope they don't die. Then I'll feel like you died, too. But I guess I'll just read your blog to make sure you didn't.

Aubrey said...

I'm very excited to have you come to Washington (It seems I'm one of the only people you know who's happy about your move). We went to Ikea yesterday and got some great new dressers. We'll probably go back in the next few days for more stuff. It's a great store, great prices. As for your house hunt, it looks like prices are going down here pretty fast. Hopefully you'll get a great deal on a big house. Talk to you soon.
Love, Aubrey

Laura F said...

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea! Every time we drive past Izzie asks when we're going to go there again for breakfast and to play. It's a great place. Good luck showing the house and everything, I'm sure it looks fantastic! You did an amazing job helping out with ours, and I think yours looked nicer to start with! I'm sure it will go quickly. Keep posting, I love reading what's going on.

Bryner Family said...

Wow, I can't believe how different the cost of living is when you move to a different place in the same country! I'm excited for you. I didn't really want to move earlier this year but it's been a great experience and I've made a lot of new friends and still kept the old ones. Good luck with the showings. I didn't like that part much! Our house sold in 2 months, which is considered really fast in our market, but felt really long to me. Hopefully yours won't take any longer than that. Is Girlie going to be sad to leave her kindergarten class?